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    We are already impressed with amazing features of Magento 2. The software becomes more attractive as we get time to time updates of Magento 2. It has plenty of features and renovates the default Ecommerce events. Now, with Magento 2.3 registered customer no longer has to enter the delivery address, payment details and purchase isviewed on the right side of the product screen.

    During the Las Vegas conference in 2018, Magneto declared the scheme about the new Magneto 2.3 release during its Las Vegas conference 2018. Magneto 2.3 will be out at the end of this year. Now let’s, explore the amazing features of Magneto 2.3.

    Features of Magento 2.3

    Magento 2.3 releases has these two areas:

    • Magento open source
    • Magento Commerce

    Magento open source and commerce 2.3 comes with new features and some improvement and secure the core product. Highlights of this release are mentioned below:

    Progressive Web Application

    PWA is the advance and modern application path. When the internet service is unavailable then this application helps to catch the data in offline mode. Its back-end application is totally different then its Front-end, front-end uses modern JavaScript framework. PWA Studio is a tool that helps to develop, deploy, and maintain the progressive web application. The main advantage will be seen in the front-end production and also the speed increases 10X on the on boarding Magento front-end developers.

    Declarative schema

    The installation and upgrade process for Magneto becomes easy with declarative schema. There is no need to define database script; the new Magento 2.3 will merge the database with XML. The core advantage of this feature is to roll back of a module in database patch releases. This feature will carry a split database structure and also eliminates the necessity of maintaining multiple code versioning.

    Graph API

    Graph API was originally developed by Facebook and at present it released as open source. It is a best alternative option for REST & SOAP because of its ability to request specific data or a subset of data which is also known as ‘search attribute’. That means a faster execution and lesser processing time. Moreover, the search attribute is further divided into three category EAV attributes, Custom attributes, and Extension attributes. Hence, it is an advance query language.

    Multi-Source Inventory

    MSI is another excellent feature as it allows merchant to manage product inventory in multiple physical locations. It will let you create stock from different inventory by creating inventory pools. These pools could be accessed using API for one or multiple websites as well as third-party order management from other websites.

    Blue Foot CMS & Page Builder

    The next interesting feature is Blue Foot CMS & Page Builder which is a business-friendly feature. It gives Magneto merchants to produce and personalize a page without any burden of coding. Blue Foot support is a different type of modified content. One of the major features of Magneto 2.3 is the improvement of native CMS. Using some basic features and technology the Blue Foot CMS can rewrite by Page Builder. Page Builder helps in template creation, drag and drop function. After the release of Magneto 2.3, now even a non-technical person can customize a page from product to article. We expect that in this new version for the first time there will a Default Blog about the history of Magneto ecosystem.

    Amazon 3rd party sales channel

    For better sell option, Magento 2.3 will be combined with Amazon. If in future Amazon provides full access of fulfilled then you will be able to expand your business through this access to the Amazon Fulfilled network with running and advance shipping option. This access allows purchasing its entire feature for the order placed on Amazon.Com, Magneto store, and the others. There is a better option to sync the Magneto store and product with Amazon.


    Another attractive feature of Magento 2.3 is RabbitMQ. Message queues is an asynchronous connection system. RabbitMQ has specific features like the sender and the receiver do not directly connect with each other and also there is no need to connect with message queues. The sender’s message will be stored until the recipient receives this. Now it is available only in Magneto commerce but with latest Magneto 2.3 release it will be available also in Magneto open source.

    Apart from above new features, there are a various improvement on existing features such as:

    • Magneto’s tech stack and PHP upgrade
    • Improvement to import and export process
    • Security improvement
    • Elastic Search support for Magneto community version
    • CMS improvement
    • Release packing improvement

    Now, Magento is more sophisticated due to its new and improved existing features which we have discussed above. Latest Magento 2.3 will allow a Magento developer to build or an enterprise a faster and better Ecommerce platform to provide better customer experience and higher sales.


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