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How to uncheck the default shipping method in Magento 2?

Magento 2 comes with default shipping methods. But, if that’s not suitable to site owner then he/she can uncheck it.

Let’s see, how?

If you ever want to unchecked default shipping method at checkout or cart estimated shipping block, then it’s not necessary to create a module.

Of course, you can perform this task by creating a module. But, here we are showing you alternate method to do the task.

First step is to copy the js file checkout-data-resolver.js from vendor\magento\module-checkout\view\frontend\web\js\model
to app\design\frontend\Namespace\ThemeName\Magento_Checkout\web\js\model.

And then just find selectShippingMethodAction(ratesData[0]);  and replace it to selectShippingMethodAction(null);  in this function: resolveShippingRates

After doing such procedure you need to clear static content and cache.

That’s it.

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