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    Newsletters are a great marketing tool. It’s a mass publication about a topic of interest to subscribers. It is considered as one of the most powerful and affordable marketing tools.

      In general, In Magento 2 you can:

    • Configure Newsletter Templates
    • Send Newsletter
    • Create Newsletter
    • Manage Subscribers
    • Check Newsletter Problems Reports
    • Cancel Subscription

    Lets, discuss each step in detail…

    Configure Newsletter

    Log in to your Magento admin panel and go to

    Stores -> Configuration -> Customers -> Newsletter

    The subscription options page will appear in which you need to fill up the details as per requirement and then click on “save config” Button.

    How to create a Newspaper Template?

    In the admin panel, go to Marketing -> Newsletter Template -> Add New Template

    In Add New Template, you can create a new template for newsletters by filling the required details and then save the template for future use.

    Send Newsletter to the subscriber

    After creating the newsletter template, navigate back to the newsletter template page. Under the Action, columns clicks on the drop down and then select Queue Newsletter option for sending the newsletter.

    You need to mention the date and time on the Queue information page in order to send the newsletter.

    Select the proper date and time in the Queue Date Start field for sending the newsletter.

    Once the date and time are set for sending the newsletter to your customer then click on “Save Newsletter” for applying the values.

    Manage the Subscribers

    You need to manage the newsletter subscription by clicking on Customer -> All Customers

    It will take you to Customers information page and then click on Actions Button just above the details of the customers you will see the option to subscribe or unsubscribe a customer from the newsletter.

    You can select the number of customers from the list and then click on Subscribe to Newsletter option. This can also be done by clicking on Edit option against the particular.

    Now on the Edit page, go to Newsletter -> Customer Information -> tick the button for Subscription to Newsletter and then save the changes.

    Check Newsletter Problems Reports

    It can happen that sometimes customers do not receive their newsletter on a defined date and time and you have received their complaints about the same so in that case, you need to check the newsletter subscription issue.

    You can see the detailed report of the issue by clicking on Reports -> Newsletter Problems Report

    Hence, on the report page, you will get details for the issues. You can check date and time of the different newsletter which you have sent to your customers and find out the reasons for the sent failed messages.

    Cancel Subscription

    If you want to cancel the subscription for any customer then go to Marketing -> Communications -> Newsletter Subscribers or from Customers -> All Customers.

    One the page, select the customer you wish to cancel the newsletter subscription.

    From the Action Menu click on Unsubscribe or unsubscribe from Newsletter respectively.

    Hence, now you can manage your newsletter easily in Magento 2 and can update your customers or subscribers about the news and latest updates from your e-store.

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