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    Drive more targeted customers to your site with our below mentioned 12 tips and increase your click-through rate.

    1. When To Send Email Messages

    Keep regular contact with your customers by sending emails once a week. You have to test different frequencies like if you send emails on a Monday or Tuesday then why not try sending your next campaign out on the weekend? For the outcome send your emails before and after daytime working hours because people are more relaxed and they will have time to click and read your newsletter.

    2. Know Your Customers

    Send emails to the target audience. Prepare a separate email list and mail them accordingly. For instance, the email list should not have girly products for your male customers. Study your customer buying pattern and check their purchase history and accordingly send them a mail.

    3. Nail Your Call To Action

    Your email should have a clear call to action. Your recipients should know what exactly to do and how to do it.

    Your call to action:

    • Provide clear and highly visible links and instructions.
    • Links are connected to dedicated and relevant pages of your website.
    • Provide a “Forward to a friend” option (existing customers can be your best salespeople).

    4. Successful Email Layouts

    Design your newsletter like a magazine content page. It should have strong and attractive images along with catchy headings to entice the reader. Place the content at the top of your emails are long. Additionally, give a link to an online version of your newsletter for those email browsers that don’t support images.

    5. Feature The Right And New Images

    Campaigns with more engaging images had a 42% higher click-through rate than those without. Your email should have relevant images that support the content and give useful information. Thus, grab the attention of your customers with the right images and convince them to click.

    6. Make Your Newsletter Content 90% Educational & 10% Promotional.

    Sometimes, your email newsletter subscribers don’t want to hear about your products and services. Instead, you can send them educational, relevant and timely information unless you have a big piece of news about your products or services. For example, rather than sending images of shoes, you can send them educational content like the latest style of shoes or how to pair certain styles with certain outfits.

    7. Provide Unsubscribe Button

    This may look like a counter-intuitive but it will help you in keeping your list healthy by maintaining active and engaging subscribers. Never use odd language like “alter your communication with us” and also do not hide an unsubscribed button behind images.

    8. Be Creative With Newsletter Name

    A good headline quickly grabs the attention of your subscriber, engages them and gets them to read the rest of your email. And when subscribers read your email content, they become more likely to take action – which makes headlines pretty darn important. Subscriber will continue to read the entire content if your headline is linked to the subject line.

    Instead of calling it “The Newsletter”, try something more innovative like:

    • InsiderBeat
    • StyleMail
    • MarketingMavericks

    9. Create Mobile-Optimized Emails

    A recent survey mentioned that 42 per cent of subscribers deletes emails that don’t display correctly on their mobile phones. So, make sure your emails are well optimized for any device. You can use email templates that mobile responsive as they are easier to read on both desktops and mobile devices.

    10. Highlight Headers With Icons

    Icons are used to illustrate the information and emphasize points in your newsletter. The best approach is to place an icon beside headers. Your icon should be related to the theme of your information. Remember to use icons with a consistent style as it will make your design look more cohesive.

    11. FOMO Is Beneficial

    FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a powerful way to take a particular action that they already know will benefit them in an email campaign. You can offer to sign up for a giveaway, gift card or a discount in your newsletter. The Click to action must be simple so that customers feel to click it to get something in return.

    12. Subtle GIF Is Your Best Friend

    Add more motion to your graphics by adding a subtle GIF. This helps in expressing emotions and also shows how to do something. Adding a GIF can improve your newsletter template immensely.


    There are many campaigns and each is different and so will be your email marketing goals. Use our above strategies for your next email campaign and compare it with your previous send-outs. If you notice a difference, then look for more opportunities to add them in your upcoming emails.


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