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    An Ecommerce website with numerous products that offers high perfomance is something every Magento store owner needs.

    In this article we have covered some of the trade and some less popular techniques which will maintain a huge traffic on your site and reduces bounces and drops via website speed hike.

    Key Points

    • High speed, high sales
    • Loading time and search engine rankings
    • Improving speed and performance in Magento
    • Reducing the size of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • Optimizing image sizes
    • Minimizing elements that may block frontend appearance load
    • Static content – JavaScript, CSS files, and images
    • Enabling server-side compression
    • Server side
    • Varnish
    • Optimizing frontend in terms of design

    Here, we have focused majorly on Magento performance optimization service and also on how website owners can improve their site performance.

    Let’s assume…

    You want to buy something, and you opened first 5 websites that appeared on Google search. After navigating through first two websites on search result pages, you found them slow. Products are not displayed, instead, round circles are coming up which are indicating that images are under loading.

    Now, think over below questions:

    • How long will you wait? 5 seconds, 1 minute or more before returning to Google search results to try another search or website
    • Will you come back to this slow website in future?
    • Will you put forth the name of this website in front of your friends?
    • What would happen in case you needed to access this slow website on the mobile phone?

    Answers are clear-cut. As an internet store owner, any web merchant obviously will try to remove pebbles that come in the way of its visitors but very few achieve 100% success while rest of them fade away.

    It’s about company’s reputation. If the website will take too much time to load then it will result in visitors pressing the close button and may be they will not come back rather they might look for an alternative websites that gives quick response time and better user experience.

    E-commerce speed optimization is a huge topic.

    Website load speed has been a foremost factor for years now and with time website speed requirements are becoming more stringent and stricter.

    For the reference we have shared below data which was collected in the year 2011.

    A recent study by the Financial Times have stated that People tendency and preference for website change in proportion to how much they had to wait while purchasing. Website load speed is articulately a major problem addressed by internet users. More than 65% online shoppers are unhappy with it.

    Some high-priority statistics:

    • 40% of users close the site if it takes more than 3 seconds.
    • On an average, users wait maximum 2.078 seconds for a page to display
    • If all content of a page is rendered between 1 and 2 seconds then the number of visitors increases by 2%
    • The figure of website visitors further rise to 4.6% if it loads in less than 1 second

    High speed equals to High sales

    Speed and Revenue go hand in hand.

    This is especially applicable and requires laser focus in case of e-commerce business.

    If website speed increases only by 100 milliseconds, revenue grows by 1%. for high traffic websites such as Amazon and Walmart And we all know 1% makes a big sum for such huge companies.

    There are 46% people who share their unpleasant experience of online shopping with others.

    Hence, you need to consider this fact seriously that is as 1-second decrease in loading time yields 7% rise in income, and if your daily revenue is supposed USD 1,000, you earn an extra income up to $25,000 (1,000 x 0.07 x 365) per year.

    Loading Time and Search Engine Rankings

    A well known SEO expert, John Mueller has studies this topic in detail. As per his analysis from his collected data he mentioned that slower websites are pulled down in ranking but if a website that has equally competitive features with a speed difference in milliseconds in comparison with fast websites, it will not be taken off.

    So, primarily there are 2 parameters which go positive as we optimize website speed.

    1. Google ranking

    When you try for Ecommerce website speed optimization then making a note to submit in other search engines as well especially on major ones like Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo etc.

    There is an algorithm which allows ranking remunerations in a proportion of speed that is adopted by all standard engines and this step will ensure maximum benefits.

    2. User experience

    Improving speed and performance in Magento,

    To give the best user experience you need to use Magento speed optimization extension which is a convenient approach for the most hordes of people. You might not receive desired results but remember each website is different and it needs customized treatment to increase its speed.


    Google has set forth certain requirements that every internet business owner should comply. These requirements comprise of few front code suggestions, technically referred to as “front end” part of the site.

    You might see a noticeable difference in your business visibility if you imply Google guidelines. Google provides versatile page speed test tool and the best part is 100% free altogether. It will be wise decision to use it over many others as Google will give marks to your website.

    After you have checked and received findings, take a closer look at their suggestions and when all detected issues are resolved, your site’s page speed will be enhanced.

    Cache Static content,

    JavaScript, CSS files, and images can be kept in cache so that it takes fewer round trips. Any reliable CDN network solution, like AWS, comes in handy for this purpose.

    Frontend Design Optimization

    Though it doesn’t come directly under speed augmentation tips but this topic should be given a thought.

    When front-end design is optimized, website layout is mobile and screen responsive and responsive site theme ensures that it will display seamlessly and without cluttering even if the visitor is looking at it from any device, like desktop, laptop, mobile, iPad etc.

    Below we have mentioned an example of a website that fulfils the above conditions.

    Image size considerations and compression

    Images with reduced size need less data to transfer over a network.

    Web has plenty of tools for image compression but make sure that one which you select does not deteriorate image quality. .

    Downsize all images and then see a report from Google PageSpeed Insights..

    Make a note to check Website speed on Desktop as well as on Mobile as it helps you in taking elaborate actions exactly where they are needed..

    If your website is created using Magento then you can easily download any authentic extension right away without manually doing image-by-image compression. .

    What this tool basically does is, it gathers all the pictures resided in

    • media
    • skin &
    • other frontend

    Folders and then optimize them with image manipulation methods located in server directories like jpegoptim, optipng etc.

    With time, Magento performance optimization has become smooth thanks to its availability of free plugins.

    Reducing Elements Which Increase Appearance Load

    Number or size of CSS and JavaScript objects enlarge abnormally when you add rich graphics with heavy animation effects which in return make your website response time higher.

    With the help of Chrome Developer Tools you can reduce the load time of every single file.

    You can enable ‘file merge’ option from Magento admin panel and Magento will merge files to minimize their rendering time.

    ‘File-merge’ option in Magento is available under System/Configuration/Developer.

    You will not come across any error if your Ecommerce website developers have coded JavaScript classes and objects in a robust way. or else it will show runtime error and for that you may need to consult your web development agency.

    • Nginx
    • Apache
    • ISS

    It also describes in details what modules to install to accomplish the task.

    Further, when you apply changes then effect can be transparently seen in a browser. For example, go to Chrome, right click and go to inspector mode.

    On the network tab, following attributes indicate that changes have taken place.

    Reducing the size of HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    Unnecessary whitespace and characters removal in code lines aid in valuable speed improvement when all other techniques do not pay off. This procedure is called minification of HTML CSS JS code but sometimes result in increased stress for developers in the understanding code after it is done.

    You can get in touch with our certified Magento developer before doing so.


    Varnish 4 is a refined and by default caching solution inside Magento 2. It helps serving dynamic content faster. You have to configure Varnish settings properly and it will act just like a secret weapon to boost website speed.

    Apply our presented tips for your Magento performance optimization and let us know your take on it.


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