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    Magento is one of the most popular and commonly used platforms to build eCommerce stores by businesses. Today a good percentage of online stores in the market are based on Magento eCommerce platform. Magento comes with excellent features to help the business with things like inventory management, multiple customer management, easy store management, multiple languages/currencies, order management, and much more. So, if you are looking for an answer that how to hire a Magento developer at an affordable rate then this guide is for you.

    Magento developers can be quite expensive and so finding the right one with the needed skills and expertise will not be an easy job. However, there are a few ways in which you can hire affordable Magento developer for your project and the same has been explained below:

    • Choose to go for Indian developers

    The rate of hiring Magento developers will be quite reasonable in countries like India than from the US, UK, Canada, or Australia. When you choose to hire developer from Indian Magento development like Mage Monkeys you will be able to get cost-effective development services. We let businesses choose and hire Magento developers as per their needs whether it is for development or for regular upgrades and maintenance. This means more savings for your business and the same money can be channelized to take care of other business needs.

    • Take interview and select the best

    As a Magento merchant you should know who will be handling your eshop. Will the developer be capable to communicate with you? Will he be able to handle your store properly? There are many questions like this which you should ask your Magento developer first. That’s why interviewing multiple profiles and hiring the best according to your budget will be a good idea. When you choose Mage Monkeys you will be able to get satisfying answers for all your queries.

    • Experience, expertise and infrastructure

    When you are planning to go ahead with Magento development you need to hire Magento developer from a reputed company that has the proper infrastructure, required human resources, and experience to complete the job as expected. A company like mage Monkeys fulfills all those necessary requirements and also has handled multiple such Magento development projects in the past. This will give you the assurance that we are capable to complete your project and deliver it as per your expectations. In case you have some knowledge of Magento then you can even talk with our developers to know about the kind of infrastructure and resources we provide. This will help you trust us more.

    • Budget and timeframe

    You need to have an idea about the budget and time you are ready to spend on your project before you commence it. When you will discuss the project with Mage Monkeys, we will provide you with an approximate timeline that will take to complete the project and based on that budget can be calculated too. Now the budget will include Magento developer rates along with expenses related to tools and infrastructure. You can even discuss the kind of budget and time you have in hand with us and based on that we can offer you the right solution and resources to choose from. Again, time restrictions will also help us to schedule your project timeline as per your convenience. Again, it would be better that you have your targets and goals set in advance so that the project does not derails from its timeline and there won’t be any surprise expenses at the end.

    • Look for reasonable rates, not cheaper

    Hiring developer from US may seem to be much expensive than hiring from India. However, you should not be blinded by your idea to find cheaper deals. Unimaginably cheaper deals may not be always good. You don’t want to spend double the budget to rectify the project by again hiring professionals from Mage Monkeys after your cheaper developer ended up messing everything. While looking for affordable Magento developer, you can start by testing the expertise by giving a small project to complete. Evaluate the work done by the candidate and also check their communication skills. Their response time and quality need to be considered first as you don’t want to end up with developer who charges less and gives back less too.

    • Project or hourly basis

    In case you have a small project in hand like adding a feature or carrying out upgrade then simple choose to hire a developer on hourly-basis. However, if the work is a bit complex and you have no idea about how and when it will get completed, you can better choose to go for fixed price deal. In such scenario, if your project extends from the expected timeline, you will not end up paying more. So, in this case, you need to look for the developer who is affordable for your business and does not charge you more too. When you choose to hire developer from Mage Monkeys, you can be sure that we will have both options available without charging you more. Moreover, there will not be any kind of hidden charges included from our side.


    Every business works within a budget and restrictions grows if it is a start-up or going through transformation. Whatever be the reason, saving on Magento developer charges along with other expenses is important to keep the profit-side growing on the ledger. You need to be smart when choosing the developer as you don’t want to end up spending more.

    If you are looking for a Magento developer with affordable rates then choose Mage Monkeys. You can easily find and hire Magento developer from here who can quickly meet your project requirements.

    Contact us with your project details and we can tell you what level of professional developer you will need for your website.


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