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How to Create Cron Job in Magento 2?

Run and Create Cron job

Please follow the this tutorial if you wish to start the cron job program

  • Create a class within the “Cron” folder
  • Manually setup the cron schedule by using PHP: bin/magento cron:run
  • Find a log in the var/log/system.log after the cronjob has run.
  • Login to Magento 2 Admin panel, do as the path: Stores > Configuration > Advanced > System, then changing scheduler settings per cron group.
  • Finally, run cron from the command line:

magento cron:run [–group=”<cron group name>”]

Now, We will add a custom cron in HelloWorld module.

Create crontab.xml

File: app/code/Magemonkeys/HelloWorld/etc/crontab.xml

Content would be

  • group id is your cron group name. You can run only cron for single group at a time.
  • job instance is class to be instantiated (classpath).
  • job method is method in job instance to call.
  • job name is Unique ID for this cron job.
  • schedule is schedule in cron format. The following graph shows what it consists of:

In crontab.xml, we have defined job
instance can be Magemonkeys\HelloWorld\Cron\Test.

Create Test.php

File: app/code/Magemonkeys/HelloWorld/Cron/Test.php

Content would be:

All done, please flush cache and run magento cron:run –group=”default” from the command line.

To check whether the Cron is working properly, go to var/log/cron.log of your store, and you will see the text Magemonkeys\HelloWorld\Cron\Test::execute in it.

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