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    It was another day when we received an inquiry at which read.

    I’ve an eCommerce store in Magento which is pretty slow. Can you help to make it faster?

    Our Magento expert reached the customer and heard his problem. We realized that their sales were down for last three month. Thus, we checked the technical history of the site & found that three months ago some technical changes were performed which were unaudited.

    We ran an audit on all technical tasks and found that they installed a new theme four months ago and it made their site run slow.

    Our developer discussed the case with an in-house experienced designer and they concluded that the theme was heavy and customization was needed.

    Earlier the speed of their Magento store was

    In today’s era, the number of people who use the internet from Mobile are higher than the number of people who use the internet from desktop/laptop. Like many other digital sites, our client was also not focused more on mobile. His store’s mobile speed was mere 17 which is very poor.

    We found the problem and executed the solutions below.

    1. Image optimization – The client used images of 1-2 MB in size. Our designer reduced the size of those images WITHOUT IMPACTING ON QUALITY.

    2. CSS-JS Optimization – Our HTML developer performed an audit on CSS-JS files and removed unwanted JS & CSS.

    3. Code optimization – Multiple unnecessary codes were duplicated. We resolved the issues by making a master code.

    4. Unnecessary Extension – The client had numerous unwanted extensions that were extending the site’s load time. We turned all of them off.

    Before proceeding ahead, we thought to give speed test another try and check the result of our half-done work and we found below improvement in speed.

    It wasn’t our BEST, but we were happy as we were making progress.

    5. CDN/AWS Hosting – We advised clients if they could adopt hosting and it also gave us good results.

    6. Other technical changes – We perform many other technical changes such as

    • Reducing redirections,
    • Removing render-blocking
    • Clearing cache
    • Improving server time
    • And other technical activities which we know due to our experience.

    The final result was,

    Amazing. Isn’t it?

    Client get below result after adopting our speed improvement service –

    • The bounce rate reduced.
    • SEO results improved.
    • Social sharing from his blog increased.
    • Last, but not least – 32% HIKES IN SALES.

    The client got good sales & we got a client for a lifetime.

    Let us know if you want to double your sell-by improving your store’s speed.

    Fill the form below if you too want to increase your sales by improving your store’s speed.

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