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    Have you ever wished? Websites run like native mobile apps. Well, the answer is yes.

    PWA can make that happen.

    A fully functional and responsive website can expose to a lot of limitations when being accessed on mobile devices like slow page load speed, unnecessary URL bar, etc. Due to which business owners and merchants needed an alternative and they found the Progressive Web App (PWA).

    Now let’s gain some knowledge about this technology.

    What is Progressive Web App (PWA)?

    PWA combines the best technologies used in mobile and web applications. To put in simple words, it’s like a website that acts like an application. It offers the user with excellent experience for users across devices, especially on smartphones.

    • Fully responsiveness
      One of the most important features of the PWA is the responsive ability. PWA can work across browsers and in any kind of device whatever the screen size. It will give the same stable experience to tablet, mobile, and desktop users. Thus, it fills the gap between the native app and the website.
    • Zero installation
      With Progressive Web App, users can easily access the site from their mobile. The icon is just like a normal mobile native application. They function like apps, but you use them through a web browser on any device.
    • Push notification
      One of the best features of PWA is that they can push notifications to engage users. Users can be notified about the best deal, the last updates, the new arrivals or remind them about their incomplete cart. This way you can increase the value of the offering and make them visit the site more often.
    • Offline mode
      PWA works smoothly in an offline mode which means you can continue browsing when the connection suddenly drops. Users can access any page that has been viewed before. Technically, the customer can out when there is no internet connection and the order will be processed when the connection is back.

    According to DataReportal, 5.19 billion is the number of mobile internet users in Jan 2020.

    One of the most frequently asked questions about PWA is “How Much Does A Progressive App Cost”?

    Usually, PWA costs from $5,000 in Asia and will cost up to five times in the US and the UK. The pricing will differ depending on the complexion of the original website (including design and functionality requirements) and the web platform. This cost does not include app support and maintenance fees. The cost of creating a Progressive Web Apps seems to be higher than the website development but its worth as PWA brings a lot more amazing features to compare to the website.

    Though, the cost of developing PWA is much lower than the cost of native app development. Because you don’t have to create separate apps for iOS and Android. When the native app is released, the developer has to submit it to the app store, further has to wait for approvals and then developers must pay the fee for publishing the apps which range from $25 to $99. Whereas in the case of PWA you don’t have to publish it in any app store thus it saves your submission cost.

    Is It Worth The Investment?

    PWA investment might not be a big deal for big companies but for small firms or start-ups, this investment can be huge. Therefore, they should consider everything before deciding to build a PWA or not.

    Let’s figure out what exactly you will get in return for your investment:

    • Enhanced Performance
      With its underlying cache technology, PWA dramatically decreases load speed making it way much faster than all websites.
      Without PWA, If the website owner wants to increase the site speed then they need to find some page speed up optimizer or performance optimization extensions that on average will cost about $100- 300 and also need extra $50-100 for the installation fee. Nonetheless, most of those plugins cannot meet the expectations of the merchants. It only helps to merge JavaScript and CSS files, minify HTML codes, add lazy load or resize the images.
    • Higher traffic and site rankings on search engines
      PWA is a website having URLs that can be indexed by the search engines. Progressive web apps naturally come with SEO benefits. So, all websites that are upgraded to PWAs will have advantages when being indexed by Google or another search engine.
      Generally, a company spends $75-1500 every month in SEO which is significant in the long run. But by developing PWA companies can minimize SEO fees.
    • No e-mail marketing cost
      PWA comes with push notification that helps merchants to keep their customers engaged. If there is no PWA then there will not be push notification which means you have to use the traditional e-mail marketing channel to notify users about promotions, news or abandoned carts.
      As we all know, e-mail marketing costs $300-500 per month. Fortunately, PWA integration cuts down this cost.
    • Improved conversions
      Progressive Web App has amazing features like instant access on the mobile home screen, less data use, fast loading speed, and offline mode which provides seamless experiences for users. Ultimately, increases user engagement which leads to more conversions and revenue.


    Undoubtedly, the Progressive Web App is beneficial and to create a PWA you have to invest a certain amount of money. It’s worth it since you get the best site performance without using any third-party extension, effective marketing campaigns without paying for e-mail marketing fees, organic site traffic, and rankings.

    We embrace PWA technologies and we can’t ignore the outstanding experience offered by it. Let’s take your place within the PWA Movement and transform the way your eCommerce does business.

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