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    A lead came to our site which read,

    “I want to run a backend audit specifically . Pls revert.”

    Our certified Magento expert checked all the important points drafted a backend audit report as per below:

    1. Magento version – Our client was not using the latest Magento version.
    It means our client wasn’t leveraging the benefits offered by the latest version.

    2. 3rd Party Extension Upgrade – Like the Magento version, our client didn’t upgrade the latest version of installed extensions. It’s like using an old version of the app on your latest iPhone.

    3. Cron Job Report – We shared client a report on cron jobs that are required and not required. Accordingly, some necessary actions were taken.

    4. Unnecessary Modules and Extensions – Your room will look full and you will not be able to utilize it fully when there is some unwanted furniture in your house that has taken up most of the space. Similarly, when the space in your webstore is filled with unnecessary modules, extensions, and codes, it won’t run as fast as it could be. We shared details of those modules and extensions with our client.

    5. GTMetrix Check – GTMetrix is a tool that helps you to identify how fast your website loads. Our client got F rank there which should be A. As per the official Google & GTMetrix guidance, we shared steps with the client that can help him to get A.

    6. Cache Clear, Security, Bug Solving & Other – Our report included an analysis of cache management and how clearing it can help to increase speed. Apart from it, we did share some security-related concerns with the client along with some bug issues that needed to be addressed.

    Apart from the above six points, we did cover every small aspect that could help the client’s store to increase speed and performance.

    To DOWNLOAD above report in PDF format – CLICK HERE

    Let us know if you also want to run a backend audit for your store to improve sales.


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