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    The Digital era has opened new opportunities for merchants to attract buyers and retain the existing ones. E-retailers always look for modern technologies to outpace their competitors and build customer loyalty.

    Augmented Reality is one of the most promising technologies in the field of eCommerce. There has been a steady growth in the popularity of AR/VR. It has reached 9.4 billion dollars in 2017 and the combined AR/VR market is expected to hit 215 billion dollars by 2021.

    Augmented reality uses different forms to promote the company’s products and services. 40 percent of buyers are more interested in products that offer an augmented reality experience. It provides a cohesive and interactive customer experience both in-store and online.

    In this post, we have shared the top three areas where augmented reality can bring the most value to eCommerce businesses.

    Product Visualization and Testing

    Online store lacks in proper visualization when it’s compared to a physical retail store. Sometimes even high-quality product images do not showcase a product at its best whereas augmented reality easily erases this issue by providing reality-like visualizations and representing a product from a different angle. Thus, customers can clearly understand what the product actually looks like in real life, and also they can play around with products and test-drive them.

    Ray-Ban, a well-known sunglasses, and eyewear brand uses AR and face mapping technologies to allow customers to preview glasses. Below is the image, you can see that customer creates a virtual model and then try the chosen glasses on to see how they will look on their face.

    Product Modification and Customization

    Augmented reality allows customers to customize their desired products. They can easily customize color, shape, dimensions, or any other characteristics in real-time. These kinds of changes are difficult in the physical store since the product model can be out of stock or unavailable at that moment, especially in the home and décor industry.

    One suitable example is Ikea. Their AR-powered application, Ikea Place, helps buyers to visualize furniture pieces from any angle and put them inside actual homes.

    Customer Engagement and Experience

    Augmented reality allows buyers to interact with products and surroundings which gives them a new and immersive experience and also making the entire shopping process simple and more interesting. Customers receive a personalized approach as they can test different items on themselves. Together, it increases the conversion rates and also builds customer loyalty.

    One such example is Sephora. Its Virtual artist allows users to apply makeup products on their face and this way they have a greater shopping experience.

    Bottom Line

    Augmented reality is the cutting-edge technology that is providing outstanding opportunities for enhancing customer experience and transforming the way we shop. It is rapidly touching many more aspects of our lives. If you are looking for optimized results for your online store, then this is the best time to go with AR technology.

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