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    For an e-commerce business, shopping cart abandonment is the most common and most inevitable scenario. A recent study states that 68.63% of carts are abandoned every year which means that only about 1 in every 4 customers actually finishes their purchase.

    No wonder promotions, discounts, and special offers are for online stores to attract customers but there are visitors who have added items to their cart and later don’t even complete their purchase and that leave you with a huge number of lost sales.

    So, how can you recover those customers?

    One of the main reasons for shoppers abandoning their carts is the extra fees added at the end of the checkout process along with shipping charges. Another reason is communication say, you have processed for a number of items and now you are ready to pay and then you find out that cost has jumped up by 10% and that will disappoint any potential customer.

    How to use Emails to Recover Abandoned Carts?

    Abandoned carts will always be part of your store but there are ways to recover some of the lost revenue occurred due to it.

    The following steps will help you recover Abandoned Carts:

    Always find ways to improve your checkout process by limiting the number of steps customers take to complete the purchase. Try and make the checkout process as easy as you can so that customer can buy on your site.

    Below are the ways to recover abandoned cart sales.

    Automated Email Campaigns: Abandoned cart emails always receive a higher rate than any other marketing emails.

    How to Run an Abandoned Cart Email Campaign:

    Remind customers about their abandoned cart immediately in an hour by sending them the first mail. Add only a reminder in a mail and it should be open and friendly. Email is considered to be the most effective way for abandoned carts hence it’s worth putting efforts into the design and copywriting.

    Friendly and Focused

    Keep your mail friendly and easy to read. For example, Fab is doing a great job by reminding the shoppers of the product they left in the cart.

    Mail should include a big image of the product along with an offer. Mention that stock is limited it will help in pushing the urgency factor for customers to buy that particular item at the earliest.

    Make a point to mention complete contact details. The tone of the mail should be friendly and enticing for shoppers to finish their purchase as abandoned cart takes place when the customer got distracted or the website got crashed as this mail a boost your sales.


    Humor is an excellent tool to use in abandoned cart well it depends on brand also. Humor should be played safe. Draft a mail keeping in mind about the audience.

    Mail should contain a powerful message so that it comes difficult for anyone to move away from the email without completing the purchase.

    A smart use of gentle humor can help you deliver a memorable and inviting email which you can send to your subscribers and it will also increase brand value.


    Personalize emails are considered to be the best way to increase interaction with subscribers. So use it in abandoned carts to increase sales.

    Mail should be plain text and a personal message which would be in an open tone addressing to the recipient. Mail should be such a way that it creates a lasting impression on the reader.

    Second Email

    Second mail should be sent around 72 hours after they have abandoned their carts and they have not made any purchase after receiving the first reminder. Again the tone of the mail should be friendly and open but send them a mail with a special offer. The most common strategy is to provide free shipping if the cart meets the minimum requirement which was set by you.

    You can send voucher code to attract them to their abandoned cart. You can send the third email if you haven’t received any response yet. Third mail should have urgency for customers to buy such as limited stock or a deadline on a special offer. The main goal is to give a friendly nudge to the shopper and hope that they click through to complete the purchase.

    Bottom Line

    We offer automated email solution to enable Magento merchants to recover their lost revenue. It is possible to draft a friendly and engaging mail campaign to bring your shoppers back to your site to complete their purchase.

    Abandoned cart arises due to different reasons. They also compare one product at different websites to buy that particular product at a minimum rate.

    Magento store can push ahead of the competition with the help of automated emails by offering discounts, free shipping or any other simply helpful advice.

    Saying that email is the most effective method of recovering abandoned cart sales so go ahead, plan now. Send people a friendly reminder that they left something behind.

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