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    Limoges Collector is a US-based business specialized in selling some of the finest French Limoges boxes to customers spread across the world. Limoges Collector was launched by Vida Cunnigham to bring together a wide range of exquisite French Limoges collected from some of the finest Limoges regions in France. The collections are amazing and right for collectors who are looking for expanding their collection or for someone who is looking for some good gift options for their special ones. Some of the brands you will find here are Rochard, Beauchamp, Artoria, and others. Limoges Collector had their online store on Magento 1 but has been facing some serious issues later.

    Limoges Collector contacted Mage Monkeys with their issues and we suggested them a number of solutions including the Magento upgrade from 1.9 to 2.3 after checking the store.

    The build process

    To begin with, our consultants at Mage Monkeys checked the website of our client Limoges Collector and analyzed it. In order to tackle the issues that were spotted during analysis, we suggested a Magento 1.9 to 2.3 upgrade. For the upgrade process, the issues were segregated and we approached them one by one based on their priority. Our team discussed every change with the client and kept her regularly updated with the process.

    Technology & Tools

    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • Linux server
    • Apache

    Aesthetic look and feel

    The client was also interested to change the design. So our creative designers delivered an attractive and feature-rich storefront. This helped the store get connected with its customers with ease and see an increase in conversions.

    Aesthetic look and feel Lemoges Collector

     Paid Personalized Message

    This feature on Limoges Collector will let the customer add in a personalized message when buying and sending the product as a gift to their friends or family. The charge of the message will be displayed on the right side after they finish writing. The message can then be sent along with the gift by clicking on the “ADD” button.

    Paid Personalized Message Lemoges

    Gift wrap feature

    The gift wrap feature here helps the customer to choose their choice of wrapper for the gift they wish to send. This feature also lets the buyer choose multiple products and send them to different delivery addresses.

    Gift wrap feature Limoges


    To begin with, the online store of Limoges Collector was working on an older version of Magento and this was causing it many issues. Working on Magento 1.9 restricted the online store from having the latest features and functionalities made available to the store. This way it saw a dip in the overall store performance and the customer experience got affected too. To address these issues and upgrade the online store to the latest Magento version Mage Monkeys started by forming a team of experts for the job.

    • The old design was not good enough

    One of the priority requirements of our client was to redesign the online store. She wanted the store to have a new look that matched with her product line and the taste of end customers. She wanted to redesign the whole frontend of the website in a way that it will entice the customers and seamlessly take them to the checkout right through the product pages. She wanted everything to be changed right from page layout, colors, fonts, functionalities, etc. The team of designers at Mage Monkeys started by devising new design plans that will help the store with more business.

    • Add in an option for a charged personalized messages for gifting

    Another thing that our client wanted us to include in the Magento 2 upgrade was to have the feature where the personalized message can be added by a customer to the selected item when he or she is sending it as a gift. The message has to be charged and the cost should be calculated based on the length of the message. The Mage Monkeys team had to think out of the box to implement such a feature as there was no extension available on Magento 2 that can be used directly.

    • Add in an option got gift wrap

    Finally, our client wanted us to add in the feature of gift wrap. She wanted us to ensure that the customer should be able to buy gifts, get them wrapped, and send them to different addresses. Again, there was no Magento 2 extension available on the platform that can be used directly to implement this feature so our team had to devise a plan to customize it and implement it properly.


    Our client Limoges Collector was facing some issues on her online store and she wanted to overcome them and do well in the market. To make that happen we needed to implement the needed changes and have a fresh face for the store. So, we suggested Magento upgrade service to our client. Our team at Mage Monkeys ensured that the Magento upgrade from 1.9 to 2.3 included all the necessary changes suggested by the client. However, it was not as easy as said.

    • Redesigning based on specifications

    The first and foremost requirement that our client placed in front of us was to design a new layout for the store. Keeping the end customers of the brand in mind and the products our client sold through the store, the Mage Monkeys team devised a new design layout for the store which also included the color, elements, fonts, and everything else. It was quite challenging for us as the client was quite specific about how she expected her store to look. We made three revisions for the store before our client was finally satisfied with the store design.

    • Charge personalized message based on length

    Adding in the features of paid personalized messages on the product page was another thing the client asked for. She wanted the message to be charged in dollars and it has to be calculated based on the length of the message. The team at Mage Monkeys had never built such a feature before and so it was quite challenging for us. Here the charge of the message has to be calculated based on the number of words or characters included in the message. We had to be precise and there was no room for errors. Our team worked hard and then developed such a fully customized feature that met the needs of our client.

    • Send a gift to different shipping addresses

    Finally, including the feature where a single gift item can be wrapped and send to different addresses was something that our client asked for. Now it was not easy as said. The developers at Mage Monkeys had to think differently to design such a feature for the store and implement it. It was not just about building a feature rather it was about offering a better customer experience and so has to be done right. It was quite challenging for us as it cannot go wrong at any level.


    Limoges Collector was a truly challenging project for us. With multiple design versions, brainstorming ideas to implement new features, opting for multiple trials and runs, Mage Monkeys finally came up with an upgraded Magento 2 store for our client. All our efforts helped us to build an aesthetic storefront, boost store performance, add in fully customized features and make shopping a seamless experience for store customers. For our client, Magento 1.9 to 2.3 upgrade service helped her to get better visibility for her online store on the digital market while ensuring enhanced ROI by offering better features and functionalities.



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