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    I Must Garden is a woman owned company, started in 2004. Having a rich experience in garden products and remedies to keep garden flourishing. They are one of the leading garden product and remedies seller in Chapel Hill, NC. Their mission is to deliver quality and valuable products with the highest levels of customer service.
    They want to develop an ecommerce site to share their experience and benefits in form of garden products and remedies to other located customers in the United States.


    Mage Monkeys helped I Must Garden to achieve below solutions:

    We designed and developed a site to meet the customer aspects and provide the experience into the form of product to the global customers reach, site will having following features:


    I Must Garden achieved below benefits by availing Mage Monkeys' tech service:

    Lower startup cost

    Able to process a high number of orders

    Sale products across the world

    Potential Income

    Gain access to customer data easily

    Easy to retarget or remarket to customer

    Gain new customers with search engine visibility

    Easy to showcase in-trend product

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