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    If you’re still on Magento 1, take notice that Adobe officially announced it will stop Magento 1 support at the end of June 2020. After that, your eCommerce store could be more vulnerable to security violations, performance problems, and module updates as you maintain it on your own.

    The process of Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration includes three major steps: pre-migration, migration, and post-migration.

    Pre-migration: During this stage, we review the website’s data and content to get a clear idea of how much manual labor should be performed, prepare design specifications, and write a project outline with major stages and deadlines for each phase.

    Migration: The migration process starts with setting up a testing environment by moving Magento 2 to a new server. Then themes, extensions, plugins, data, and content are moved from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

    Post-migration: Last but not least is synchronizing your order history and customer data to perform a smooth shift from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

    Breakdown of Magento Migration Timeline

    1. Drawing up a migration plan: 3 weeks
    2. Preparing a test environment: 1-2 days
    3. Implementing extensions and custom development: 3 weeks
    4. Migrating data: 1-2 days
    5. Creating a design for Magento 2: 2-4 weeks
    6. Additional database synchronization: 1-2 days
    7. Magento 2 store launch on a live server: ~1 week

    Why do you need a certified agency to perform migration?


    Magento 2 data migration is the crucial stage in the transfer process. One needs to have sufficient technical knowledge and extensive experience to react quickly in case you lose database assets — specifically, the customer and product data. Moreover, your blog content, meta titles, and customer orders should be transported inseparably.


    During the migration period, one can face numerous problems related to the data structure. For example, if the core Magento 1 code is messy or inappropriately configured, then the standard Migration Tool and scripts won’t work. There may be a number of situations where the data structure was so screwed up that we had to reinstall Magento 1 to structure the data properly before starting Magento 2 migration. A certified Magento expert knows how to handle such situations.


    If migration doesn’t perform by any expert then there are chances that your store’s URL may get changed which could create a disaster for your site’s current ranking. An expert knows how to handle such situations.

    Apart from the above three, there are many technical reasons why migration should be done by expert agencies only. Magento 2 users are availing sales benefits after migration, so if you are still on Magento 1 then don’t delay it further and migrate it today.

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