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    Reviews are an essential part of any eCommerce store and if you are selling an electronic item/products then reviews can play a major role. Reviews can encourage people to buy your product. Experiences of your past shoppers tell a lot like how your product is different from your competitors if they faced any problem, how was their overall experience with your product. This kind of customer interaction will ultimately lead to enhancing your profits for businesses.

    Happy customers don’t write reviews easily as unhappy customers leave reviews so, as a store owner, you must find ways to make it easier for customers to leave reviews. You can send personalised review request email or text message within a week of the purchase, offer some small gifts or extended warranties. Coupons, discounts, and other rewards are also one of the great ways to encourage your customers to leave reviews.

    Study shows that 90% of consumers are greatly influenced by other people’s experiences. So, the collection of ratings and reviews can help drive higher SEO, generate new customers, and increase sales.

    Naming convention

    The product name should clearly and quickly convey exactly what you’re selling. It should be memorable, understandable, findable (mostly on search engines), unique, and relevant.

    There are numerous combinations of how a title can be structured and crafted based on the product and its attributes. For example; take the above picture, the title Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine with 10Yr Warranty (WHITEMAGIC ELITE, Grey) describes everything about the product. What the product Brand is (Whirlpool), Capacity (7.5kg), Type (Fully-Automatic Top Load), and Product Category (Washing Machine). It is very important to mention the benefits of products like (10 YR Warranty) in the product name. The more the product is described, the higher are its chances of being sold.

    Delivery schedule for last-mile delivery

    Most of the electronic products are heavy and expensive. You cannot get it delivered outside the buyer’s home. It is important to add a delivery schedule feature in your site where a customer can select the date and time of the delivery. So, when the delivery is made, a customer is present in the house.

    If the product requires manual installation by a technician, then it becomes easier to ask the customer to choose the time. This way, customers can schedule their availability at home or office as per technicians visit. If the customer is not going to personally receive the product then it is advisable to get the recipient contact number so that technician can get in touch with the concerned person directly.

    Product Feature Comparison
    Apple doesn’t need to specify product features as Apple users are very loyal to the brand but if your online store is having non-Apple products then it’s important to provide product specifications. Electronic items come in an extensive range of different features and aspects. Therefore, it is important to design your backend system in such a way where attributes are defined as category wise. A comparison tool Consumers can make an informed purchase decision based on a comparison tool


    Study says that when it comes to buying electronic products, customers spend more than 10 minutes to find the best deal on the internet. Moreover, customers also compare brick and mortar prices with an online eCommerce site. Stores such as BigBuy provide a price match guarantee.

    When a consumer sees that the company is offering a price match guarantee, it gives them peace of mind and it helps in building trust. If consumers find your site trustworthy it will not research more on the internet.

    Maintain a competitive approach to other brands that offer similar products with a price match guarantee. so whenever the user selects the product name it will show them a highlighted text above the product telling “Best Price Guarantee” and keep more of your hard-won customers.

    Additional Essential Products
    To boost sales and enhance customer experience, you can offer the customer additional products that will genuinely provide them with added value. For instance, if a customer is buying a computer or laptop you can suggest a scanner and printer with it. Offer your customers relevant products to make sure that they are getting your full range of products and you are getting the best ROI possible.

    People are still afraid to buy electronic products online because they think if the product gets damaged after one month or the machine doesn’t work where will they go? Therefore, the Warranty should be given with the electronics product. A warranty for certain years for full product or on certain parts.

    You can use warranties as a marketing tool to give customers assurance that what they are buying is of good quality. There are some parts in your machine which are not going to wear and tear easily so extend the warranty period on that particular part. For example, washing machine companies provide 10 years’ warranty on motors and 2 years’ warranty on other parts. So, they gain customer attention by highlighting 10 years’ warranty on the product.

    Your warranty disclaimer should include:

    • How long the warranty period lasts for (how long can customers get coverage)
    • How a customer can get service under the warranty.
    • What options will be provided for repair and refund if the product is damaged.
    • What parts of a product are covered by the warranty and what parts are not covered.

    Apple has a marketing strategy that continues to drive growing sales throughout the globe. it gives long term warranties and even allows people to buy extended warranties for their high range of products. An extended warranty promotes the reliability of a product. It is said that once you use Apple products, you will never prefer any other brand. This is one of the ways how Apple builds up a long-term, profitable relationship with the consumers.

    Logistic and Delivery timings

    There are 2 main reasons why people purchase electronics or equipment. First is necessity and second is happiness (luxury). Necessity is something very crucial where the customer needs to buy that product or some broken part machine which they want to replace. So, in such a situation you as a store owner have to make sure that you deliver the product as per committed time.

    The second reason is happiness where a buyer has placed an order to buy Mobile or T.V. or iWatch. Here the buyer is excited and eagerly waiting for its products so if there is a delay in delivery then it will affect the happiness and satisfaction level of the consumer and it will also harm your brand reputation in the long run.

    The estimated delivery time for such products needs to be between 2 to 7 days as beyond 7 days’ customer is unlikely to wait and then there are chances customers may buy from brick and mortar shops.

    Price Drop notification

    In electronic goods, we tend to see a sharp fall in price over time, and to be precise prices keep decreasing every 6 months. There are several reasons to explain this fall in price:

    • Quantum improvements in technology: When something new comes up the demand for the old product reduces so the price has to go down to sustain the competition.
    • Economies of scale from increasing production: When new electronic products first enter the market, firms have low sales volume and less scope for economies of scale. When more products are sold then production increases which leads to a fall in the price.
    • Increased competition: as more firms enter the market with the same product with lower pricing, you need to drive down prices to remain in the market.
    • An element of price skimming: Some consumers are tech-savvy. They are ready to pay high prices to get the latest electronic goods. When the company has sold products with very inelastic demand then they reduce the price to sell to a wider audience who are more price sensitive.

    Sometimes, shoppers are interested in a product but hoping for a price reduction before they are motivated to buy it. Let your customer register for price drop notification on the website. Send them an alert Email or text message to inform them about the price drop of a product. You can also notify them about the similar products of other brands that are less expensive than the one customer selected.


    Product filters can play an important role in affecting the performance of your eCommerce website, you would be surprised to know that only 10% of people know what they want to buy and come to your website with the exact product they want, rest of 90% buy the product using search and most importantly “Filters” and still very fewer eCommerce companies give required attention to the filters.

    • Your site should have category-specific filters. Place these front and center on your category pages.
    • Make sure to add filters in general search based on the category of products coming up in search results. This is the most missed out point in many reputed sites.
    • Remove filter is equally important as an adding filter. So when the filters are added, give an easy option to remove those filters.

    • If your filter has zero results, then the filter must be removed itself. Make sure to offer only those filters which have several products in it.
    • Your site speed should not be affected by filters. Ensure that your user gets filtered products in less than 3 seconds.

    Question Answers on product page
    Shoppers can ask numerous questions when considering purchases. Questions can be silly or obvious, you have to answer every question and clear their doubts. Questions like, will this product sync with iPhone? or will this fit into my Sony TV? Sometimes, the buyer can ask you genuine questions that might help you bring a new product to your site.

    Your product page should have Q&A so that you answer common questions about products, literally “once and for all”, this way you resolve their query effectively at one go also your future visitors can read on the same page.

    Thank you page

    Lot of sellers take the “thank you” page as the end of the sales funnel. Squeeze more value out of your customers by creating a unique thank you page. You can use this page to push related products or show off your blog. After making the purchase, customers can visit your social media page to share an overall experience.

    6 unique ways to use Thank you page

    A Sharing Button: Through social media share buttons you can generate more traffic.

    Ask Your Page Visitor to Create an Account: Guest visitor can create an account. Mention how it will reduce time & effort the next time they want to make a purchase.

    Ask for Feedback: Ask the consumer to fill the “Tell us what you think” box at the end of the thank you page to enhance your site.

    Offer a Discount: coupons & discounts can convince them to purchase again in the future.

    Blog: Make the thank you page more user-friendly and customer-centric with blog resources, that can be related to the product; product-related information and Product unboxing.

    Tell a Friend: Run referral program for word-of-mouth marketing.

    Make your customer feel valued by sending personalized “thank you” notes. A happy customer is always a loyal customer.

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