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eCommerce Consultancy Service

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Building a new ebusiness from scratch in an area as diverse and unique as Asia and Europe can be a difficult task. eCommerce is growing at a faster rate due to which online market offers great opportunities to make a success in online but this requires the right business plan and its implementation.

One needs to examine the details of the online business which includes objective, target markets, competition, structure and current scenario of the online landscape. Our team of experts understand your desire and come up with different strategies to suggest you on the initial technical organization, future actions, infrastructure and business channels to accomplish your aim.

With our consultancy solutions, you can create success stories.

MageMonkeys Commerce

We do an in-depth analysis to advise best practices and architectural insights to help you enhance your eCommerce experience. With our eCommerce consultancies, you can grow your online business. We provide easy and smooth transactions with secure shopping experience to your valuable clients. We are the leading eCommerce design company to cater to your modern day business requirements. Your business can take the full advantage of our technology and infrastructure in order to understand the full potential of Magento for optimizing and streamlining the eCommerce solution.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors with MageMonkeys eCommerce consultancy.

What we analyze

Target clients



Roi Target


Legal entity


Logistics & Shipping


Payment gateways


Digital Marketing




Social Media

How we work


First, we do an in-depth analysis of your company which includes goals, structure, target markets and current competition. This step undertakes the number of interview and questionnaires for the sake of comprehensive evaluation.


We give little more importance to this step as it creates a report which shows the outlines of post-implementation scenarios and strategies so that we can guide you on initial set up, future actions, technical infrastructure and marketable channels. We also describe procedures and tasks which we wisely plan for the next steps to take.

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