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Downgrade Magento Enterprise to Community

What is the transition process being implemented by Mage Monkeys?



We take time to analyse so that we can identify and document the modifications and changes that are present in Enterprise Edition and can be copied to community edition.

Extensions which are currently in use are check for the support in Community Edition

For the process of Community Edition migration additional web hosting account is created. Mage Monkeys advised as not to tamper all the original Enterprise installations unless we get confirmation from the clients as what they want to migrate and replace in community edition.



Let’s talks about Theme Migration

Integration of template (HTML)- replicate the enterprise edition to community edition

Copying CSS from enterprise to community to make it feel same for your customers

New theme for front end store

Integration of local code in present template

Now for Database Migration

Now for Database Migration

CSV format data for all your products

Creation of products attributes sets along with groups as per enterprise edition

Managing images with media import folder along with path change

Any other issues which Mage Monkeys take care of?

Any other issues which Mage Monkeys take care of?

Yes, in enterprise edition if the login template does not work we make sure that community version work well when downgraded from enterprise edition.

Data is vital and thus data of customer and products are exported from enterprise to community edition.

Management regarding URL redirection is available in community edition where it is absent in enterprise edition.

In community version index management is manual task

Downgrading is a task which is complex and not as smooth as up gradation. Downgrading process requires expertise technical knowledge and experience. Mage Monkeys make sure that the process of downgrading is carried out securely, quickly and with minimum downtime so as to make sure that you business do not suffer. We take extra care when we deal with file system and do take multiple backups for same.

Every coin has two sides so do Magento enterprise edition and thus these drawbacks can be put in right way by downgrading to community edition. Mage Monkeys provides technical aid which takes care of your website security and there is smooth transformation of your store from Magento enterprise to community edition.

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