We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Magento.

We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Magento.

Downgrade Adobe commerce To

What is the transition process being
implemented by Mage Monkeys ?


We invest time in analysis to identify and document the changes and modifications that are currently present in the Adobe commerce Edition and can be added into the community edition.

Extensions that are currently in use are check for support in Community Edition.

For the process of Community Edition migration additional web hosting account is created. Mage Monkeys advised as not to tamper all the original Adobe commerce installations unless we get confirmation from the clients as what they want to migrate and replace in community edition.


Let’s talks about Theme Migration1

Integration of template (HTML)- replicate the Adobe commerce edition to community edition

Copying CSS from Adobe commerce to community to make it feel same for your customers

New theme for front end store

Integration of local code in present template

Now for Database Migration

CSV format data for all your products

Creation of products attributes sets along with groups as per Adobe commerce edition

Managing images with media import folder along with path change

Other issues taken care of by Mage Monkeys

Yes, in the Adobe commerce edition if the login template does not work we make sure that the community version work well when downgraded from Adobe commerce edition.

Data is crucial. So, data of products and customers are exported to the community edition from the Adobe commerce edition.

Management regarding URL redirection is available in community edition where it is absent in Adobe commerce edition.

Index management is carried out manually in community version.

How we perform it ?

To perform Magento version upgrades we follow a specific methodology and have our own internal checklist. Different actions that we take to achieve it are:

A testing site will be used to observe the actual process while upgrading functional behaviour. We ensure that the original data and site remains untouched.

Before implanting the process we make sure the back-up of your site and data is carefully stored. Online replacement of existing site with the updated one.

We deliver the environment specified Magento upgrades. Process of testing is being implemented in order to fix any of bugs or any show stopper issues.