We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Magento.

We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Magento.

Custom Neon is an Australian-based company that designs and creates customized neon signs for various purposes. So, whether it is about creating business logo, or LEDs for weddings, events, names, or for anything else, Custom Neon creates safe and durable neon LED products that can be used as décor or for signs. Custom Neon came up with a Magento store to reach a larger customer base but, soon realized that there were some significant issues with their online store.

They contacted a number of Magento agencies to get the issues resolved but, it was in vain. It was at this point that they happened to contact Mage Monkeys. We looked into their problem and decided to try our hand and get the issue resolved.

The build process

To begin with, our team of experts at Mage Monkeys looked into the issue the client was facing on their site and based on that came up with a clear working strategy. A dedicated developer was chosen to work on the project and ensure everything worked perfectly well in the store. The developer was responsible to update the client regarding the progress of the work and kept them in the loop throughout the development phase.

Technology & tools

  • Magento
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL

Design your sign

This feature lets you design a fully customized neon LED sign. Here you get to select different parameters to design your sign just with some clicks.

design your sign custom neon

Theme upgrade

Theme upgrades helped our client uplift the look of their website and make it attractive for the visitors.

Stripe as the payment method

To help shoppers we integrated Stripe into the payment methods available on the store. Our client witnessed increase in online payments with this added feature.

stripe payment gateway


  • Key feature hanging up the site

To begin with, Custom Neon faced a major issue with one of important feature “Design Your Own Sign” that is displayed on the homepage. Whenever a user clicks on the button, they are taken to a new page. Here the customer is supposed to choose their options and create text for the neon sign of their choice, as per their wish.

However, whenever a user came on this page and started to work, the whole website would get hanged up. This stopped them from doing anything and the store lost some of their valuable prospects. The client wanted us to resolve this issue at the earliest as it was hurting their business.

They came to Mage Monkeys after consulting other few agencies who failed to resolve this issue. So, they promised to sign a long-term contract with us if we succeed to resolve it. Our Magento experts looked into the issue and came up with a plan that could work in the favour of the website.

  • Dire need of site optimization

Another thing that the client asked for was site optimization. We checked the website and analyzed the issues that were causing it to dip in traffic and affecting conversions. Based on that we selected the right tools and the strategy to tackle it.

  • Older Magento version issues

Another thing that our client wanted was to improve the performance of the site and have features and functionalities that can help attract more customers. Mage Monkeys suggested Magento 1 to 2 upgrade as it can help the website have all the needed functionalities and features added. Based on client’s approval a new plan was laid down for the upgrade service as it involved many things.

  • Older theme affecting customer experience

Having a better theme was something that client wanted next. Mage Monkeys knew well that it was important the user experience gets better with the theme upgrade process. So, our developer planned out the theme upgrade service cautiously so that it will not cause any trouble to the visitors.

  • Integration of new payment gateway

Finally, including the payment method of Stripe into the site was something our client asked for. The store already had PayPal integrated in there and wanted to add in Stripe too. The team at Mage Monkeys came up with a plan to integrate the new payment gateway without causing any performance issue to the site.


Our client Custom Neon was facing some critical issues on their website which was causing some loss of business. They had to find some quick solution to rectify the issue and they contacted Mage Monkeys with the same need. We understood the depth of the problem and so based on that planned out strategies which can resolve all the issues that our client had to face on the store. Now this was not that simple to start with!

  • Make the key feature work as expected

To begin with, the main issue they faced was with one of their features – “Design Your Own Sign”. Now this was crucial to handle and critical for our future relationship with our client as they came to us only after facing disappointments from some other Magento agencies. We took this as a challenge and a senior Magento developer was selected to work dedicatedly on the project. As this feature was new to us and the issue was critical, it was important for the developer to take great care when working on the problem.

  • Analyze metrics and make improvements

Optimizing the site for improved performance was another thing we had to do. Our developer used Google Analytics to check the performance of the site and based on the findings,had to optimize it. The tool checks different metrics related to the site performance and looks for areas that needs improvement. Based on the findings from the metrics, our developer optimized each area as a part of site optimization process.

  • Upgrade from Magento 1 to 2

Magento store upgrade service was next on the list. Magento 1 to 2 upgrade has to be smooth and our Mage Monkeys developer knew that well. Now this is challenging as you have to add in new features and functionalities to the store while keeping the current data and information intact. With years of experience and expertise, our developer was able to devise a clear strategy along with a checklist of things to move during upgrade.

  • Theme upgrade for enhanced user experience

Theme upgrade has to be done right and our team was well aware of the challenges that comes with this service. During the theme upgrade process, the developer has to ensure that no customizations made before gets affected and so everything has to be handled correctly. Moreover, it was critical to test the theme after it has been upgraded as you don’t want the visitors to get lost on the website and lead to increased bounce rate.

  • Integrating Stripe for better digital payments

Finally, including Stripe as the payment gateway was a critical task for Mage Monkeys. When it comes to including a payment gateway it is important to ensure that it is done properly as issues related to security and privacy of customer data can lead to trust issues towards the brand in future. So, our developer cautiously and patiently laid out the plan for integrating Stripe into Custom Neon.


Working on Custom Neon was quite challenging, however, it paid off well in the end. The effort we put in first to resolve the critical issue for the website helped us earn the trust of our client. This was followed by them signing up a long-term contract with us. At Mage Monkeys we helped our client experience enhanced performance, better security features, added functionalities, enhanced user experience, and easy checkout by making upgrades and improvements as needed. Last but not the least, the work we did for Custom Neon impressed another business client who then approached us to revamp their website for better conversions and an enhanced digital experience for their customers.

This is what Custom Neon has to say about our work:

“They communicate well, work hard, deliver on schedule.”

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