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    Composer update not working while repository not exists in git – Magento 2 [resolved]

    We were working on a project where we needed to upgrade a Magento store along with plugins.

    We came on the stage where we were working on the composer command.

    For those who are not aware with the role of composer command, let us share that in magento 2 you have to use composer command to update the version of Magento system and plugins.

    While working on the same we faced an issue.

    Some plugin repositories were not getting cloned.

    For example:

    To solve the problem, we removed below line from composer.json:

    Then we removed magento-2-share-my-basket section from repositories,



    Things worked for us when we chose this as solution.

    If you ever face such problem then you can use this trick. We’re sure this Magento hack will work for you.

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