Limoges Collector

US-based company named Limoges Collector is in the business of selling French Limoges. Mage Monkeys suggested them many solutions including an upgrade to the latest Magento version after they approached us with many issues on their online store. Following an in-depth analysis of the store, we planned out a proper strategy to tackle the issues and let our client provide enhanced experience to their customers.

Luxury For Princess

Netherlands-based company named Luxury For Princess sells hair extensions and other related products. They reached out to Mage Monkeys after they noticed some issues with their Magento store. After proper analysis of the issues, we suggested solutions and planned out strategies to reach the goal. In the end our efforts paid off and client was able to have a redesigned fresh website with stunning features.

Custom Neon

An Australian-based neon LED designing company named Custom Neon had been experiencing a major issue on their store. They reached Mage Monkeys to find a solution and our team took care of the task neatly. Impressed with our work, they signed up for a long-term plan and asked us to provide version, feature integrations, etc. which we did well too.