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    In this age, using a mobile app is absolutely essential. Nobody likes to sit and stress themselves out in front of a desktop computer when you have mobile phones for everything. We all love to shop online using an app and if have a store and don’t have the Magento Mobile app then you are losing a larger share of your prospects to smart competitors that are doing so. 60% of Ecommerce traffic is held by mobile phones. You might have a question that “why you need a Magento mobile app?”

    It’s a must to a mobile-friendly website so let’s discuss in detail the importance of Magento mobile app:

    The reason why you need a Magento mobile app?

    A rapid increase in mobile phone users:

    With improved technology and different mobile phone brands, we see the increment in mobile phone users. Over 60% of users shop online using their mobile phones. Plus with a 10% increase from the year 2014. One more reason is that the mobile phone is easy in accessing your Ecommerce stores. A handheld smartphone is all time preferred as compared to sitting in one place and using desktop computers. So considering 60% customers with an easy-to-use Magento mobile app is a big assurance to increasing your sales.

    An enhanced experience for customers:

    Just assume; of starting your desktop computer, typing the URL to access the store, going to different new pop-up pages, attending to customer queries, and other stuff; Isn’t that time-consuming?

    But with Magento mobile app your customers can save a lot of time by tapping on the app, easy to scan through your store, choose desired products and quickly proceed to the checkout page. Another advantage is that you are not only saving your precious time, you save the time of your esteem customers too. How? Since your customized Magento would be made available to your customers in Android and iPhone versions, in which they can easily access your Ecommerce store with just a few clicks on the app. so this is how you give them the best experience to enjoy your app every time they want to shop.

    Push notifications:

    Its very important to aware your customers of current additions, discounts and other mouth-watering offers you have in your store but how?

    By Magento mobile app you can send push notifications to your esteem customers. If you are offering a discount program or introducing a new product a push notification from the Magento mobile app can help in increasing your sales. The moment they receive notification, they are tempted to buy the new product or enjoy the discount offered, which leads to an increase in sales for you. It has been confirmed, according to research, that the click rate of push notifications is between 45% and 75%- a high rate. Push notifications from the Magento mobile app also help in increasing customer retention and engagement. Thus, the mobile app with such a powerful feature like “push notification” will definitely improve your sale by 50%.

    Payment gateway :

    Magento mobile app provides different payment gateways both the ones that come with Magento and other payment options which you consider suitable for you and your customers. With Magento mobile app, you are never going to miss out on any sale due to payment issues.


    Thanks to technology that we all own a mobile phone and use an app for every single thing and this trend will increase more with every passing year so you also need to change with time and opt for Magento mobile app to increase your sales at least by 50% and this need will also reduce your stress.

    Consult with Magento mobile app developer to get your app today!


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