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    You can raise revenue of your business by setting up ‘buy X get Y free’ promotions.

    What do we mean by ‘buy X get Y free’ promotion?

    One of the important actions while creating the shopping cart price rule is a ‘buy X get Y promotion.

    It will increase online sales by providing you variety of different sale scenarios which will drive customer traffic. You can enter correct number of products from a given field in the cart by using the sub-selection tool.

    Let’s us learn…

    How can you create a Buy X get Y free promotion in your Magento 2 Store?

    You need to follow our below mentioned 5 steps in order to create a Buy X get Y free.

    Step 1: Set a Cart Price Rule
    Step 2: Make Conditions
    Step 3: Spot the Actions
    Step 4: Mention the Label
    Step 5: Save and Test

    Step 1: Set a Cart Price Rule

    • You need to go to Stores -> Marketing -> Promotions -> Cart Price Rules from the Admin sidebar
    • Next you have to Click “Add New Rule”. On the left side of the panel is an option “Rule Information, Conditions, Actions and Labels”.
    • Now edit “Rule Information” settings as follows:
      • Enter a Rule Name and a brief Description.
      • Now, set Status to “Active.”
    • Place Website to “Main Website.”
    • Choose the Customer Groups.

    Step 2: Make Conditions

    You have to set up the Conditions tab as follows:

    “If ALL of these conditions are TRUE
    Total items quantity is 2”
    Total items quantity shows a sub-selection of the items in cart and matching ALL of these conditions

    Step 3: Identify the Actions

    In step 3 you have to select “Actions” in the panel on the left. Then, do the below steps:

    • Set “Apply” to “Buy X get Y free”.
    • Take for example you set “Discount Amount” to 1 then that quantity your customer will receive for free.
    • Set number in the “Maximum Qty Discount is Applied to” field to enable the limit of the number of discounts that can be applied when the condition is met. For example, enter “1” to discount only one item.
    • Now, enter the quantity that the customers have to buy in order to qualify the discount in the Discount Qty Step (Buy X)” field.
    • When you are done with above steps then click on Save.

    Step 4: Mention the Labels

    In this step, select “Labels” on the left from the panel. Then, do one selections from the below

    • Enter a “Default Rule Label for All your Store Views”.
    • If your store is available in multiple places then you must enter “Store View Specific Labels.

    Step 5: Save and Test

    When you have completed all the steps then you need to click on “Save Rule”.

    Your Buy X get Y free promotion will appear on your Magento 2 Store after an hour or so. Allow enough time to your system to get into it. Users need a testing process so make sure that the new rule works correctly.

    Now it’s time for you to take advantage of this method by following our tutorial. With the help of this special promotion you can attract customers and visitors and raise your store revenue.

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