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    Magento has its own long journey where it has powered up millions of eCommerce stores. Magento is constantly improving itself with version upgrades and feature enhancements and this year as well Magento 2.3.0 has numerous innovative tools. 2019 seems fruitful for the merchants selling through Magento eCommerce stores.

    Now, let’s see some of the pioneering tools and features of Magento 2.3 which will help you increase your eCommerce growth to the next level.

    Multi-Source Inventory

    Inventory management is an important function for running the business successfully. Multi-source inventory manages the inventory across multiple locations right from within the Magento admin. It allows you to track inventory at each of the sources, assign products and check quantities to the fulfillment sources. You can easily integrate MSI with third-party inventory systems. This tool also helps sellers with a single inventory source by providing them with accurate quantity counts in addition to high-performing checkouts. Overall, enhances the operational efficiency in inventory management.

    Page Builder

    With Page Builder, you can improve your store’s customer interface. This tool has a range of features like a drag-and-drop interface, assorted content types such as banners, images, and videos. Its instant preview capabilities provide effective management of content by non-technical users. Its flexible grid system allows you to customize your store as per your business needs. Page Builder is integrated with the existing Magento functionality like media gallery and widgets. You can even create dynamic content blocks throughout the site and also schedule content updates with content staging and preview.

    PWA Studio

    Another interesting and important tool is PWA studio. It is equipped with reference themes, open web standards which lets Magento developers in enhancing their speed and efficiency while building PWAs. It provides an excellent mobile experience for better engagement and higher conversions. As it’s an open-source initiative, it comes with regular updates along with the addition of new features, quality improvements.

    Additional Updates:

    Apart from the above-mentioned tools, Magento 2.3 has several other updates which will unlock new opportunities for your Magento stores.

    • Magento Shipping: It is available on a global level and also supports new fulfillment options.
    • Asynchronous & Bulk Web APIs: This feature provides better control over the execution visibility and timing of API calls which enhances the performance.
    • Enhanced indexing performance: This feature reduces the indexation time through sharding and parallel processing of indexers. Hence increasing support for larger sites and faster product updates.
    • Declarative schema: This automatically adjusts the system by enabling developers to declare the desired database state. So, developers do not need to perform any redundant operations.
    • GraphQL: A flexible storefront API that comes with Magento API ecosystem making it easier for developers to query specific data elements from the APIs in a single request.
    • New security tools: Magento 2.3 is very high on security as it strengthens the store with security features such as Google ReCAPTCHA and Two Factor Authentication.

    Bottom Line:

    Magento 2.3 comes with enhanced features that will fortify your website in every single aspect, from performance to security, features, and more. This transition requires professional expertise to hire a Magento developer. We, at Magemonkeys, provide an expert team who will help you with the transition and open bring new opportunities for your business in 2019.

    Share your requirements with us and we will strategize the upgrade for you

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