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    According to recent research, online sales have surpassed the increase in sales through the traditional store format. Still, to start an e-commerce business may require a demanding process because each consumer is different and has unique needs.

    It’s not only about the gorgeous look which will make your e-commerce store successful but also about building distinctive elements to generate sales. You need to develop a site with a great user experience which will make your site trustworthy and a consumer will have confidence in buying.

    There are countless ways to improve your Magento websites but apart from that, there are some major ways which are missing out on your Magento website which could potentially help in increasing sales and profit online.

    Go to User-Friendly Shopping Cart:

    It takes a lot of time to build an eCommerce site; one must know that Magento offers a fully hosted, subscription-based cart which provides all the hosting and payment integration. A cart should always be updated whenever you add something and it should give clear information about each item. If you take good control of your site then Magento must come with a decent feature which allows you to customize your shopping cart. Addition to that, it should have a clear call to action whenever the consumer wants to make changes to their purchase.

    Elevate Search Engines:

    Optimize your eCommerce site because your products are competing with so many other eCommerce websites. All you need is a good title tag that includes your targeted keywords and a good content on the page along with some decent links from another web page to your web page. Make sure that your website has a set of unique product descriptions and other distinctive elements to prevent duplicates. Optimizing your eCommerce website will not just drive traffic to your store but also increase revenue.

    Social Media Sites:

    Today social media plays a very important role in generating the good amount of traffic. You need to promote your products on various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.This kind of marketing is inexpensive and you can easily build your brand by targeting the right people.

    Different Payment Methods:

    Providing preferred payment methods will lead to more sales. Today different modes are available for instance; credit card, debit card, net banking or cash on delivery (COD) offering a payment to a wide variety of consumers is highly significant for the success of your Magento eCommerce site.

    Easy Sign-up Process:

    Keep your sign-up process as simple as you can, it will turn into more leads to a consumer. Do not ask for too much of information because no one really wants so spend more time on the sign-up process as they are more interested in the content of your eCommerce website. There are many websites that force the consumer to sign-up before they can actually place an order. In fact, 1 out of 4 abandoned online purchases is due to forced registration so think again that you really need to include sign-up process. Even though if you want to then keep it simple which even a non-tech person can also browse easily. You can include email address and password, login and register buttons and forgot password link.

    Consider the above-mentioned points to make a complete Magento eCommerce website. visit your site number of times to avoid any kind of problem and try to make more and more user-friendly since it will help you in attracting more customer.

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