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    Your eCommerce store can be personalized for user experience and this can boost your store revenue. A number of tools are available where your web pages can be customized based on the behavior and patterns of customer interaction. Extensive use of Data Science and Machine learning tools are now driving the growth of e-commerce. Below a few pointers on how can you also benefit from it.

    How can an eCommerce system help in increasing sales?

    • Modify your marketing plans as per user choices.
    • Always know your valuable customer Segments, for instance, city or location, Current and Past Browsing Patterns, Current and Past Searches, Cart Contents Age, social media, region, Device, etc.
    • Identify your local customers and focus on repeat purchases.
    • Reduce shopping cart abandonment by engaging your customers throughout the lifecycle of a Purchase.
    • Trigger email to let the customer buy the product again after a few days of abandonment.
    • Fetch dynamic content based on user preference and A/B test features to determine what’s working out best?
    • Make your Discounts and Coupons work it out for you better.

    Where is it used?

    • E-commerce stores
    • Video-Sharing Platforms (Netflix)
    • Amazon Shopping.
    • Facebook feeds, Yahoo, Google News

    How can you practice personalization?

    1. Segmentation

    • Are your visitors ‘New Customers’ or ‘Existing Customers’’?
    • What devices they are accessing the website from?
    • Geographics characteristics (Country, Region, City)
    • Biggest Spenders
    • Demographics characteristics (Age, Gender, Income, Education )
    • High-Risk Customers

    2. Product Recommendations

    It can show the customer only the relevant Products they are using.

    • Best Sellers
    • You might also like
    • Trending in category
    • Recently Viewed

    3. Ease of Access

    • Always remind users of products they have recently viewed, recently purchased, and the wishlist

    4. Discount Coupons

    • Dynamic coupons with category-specific offers
    • Quantity based and time-based discount coupons

    5. Navigation based on Visitor

    • Homepages need not be static and should change based on visitors’ interests and needs, for example, banners or other content based on the history of the user.
    • Display Home page or category page Products based on Gender selected previously.

    6. Personalized Emails

    • Follow Up emails and personalized wishlists.
    • Newsletter with products based on browsing patterns or purchased Products.
    • Cart abandonment email with enticing offers.

    7. Cart and Checkout pages

    • Showcase Upsells, Best Sellers, Related products in Cart and Checkout.

    8. Feedback

    • Highlight Reviews and Ratings
    • One-Click Rating from customer
    • Use popups for quick feedback

    9. Accounts Page

    • Display Recent Orders and let customers reorder based on the products they already ordered, for example, Monthly Grocery, Monthly Snack item, etc.
    • Display Top categories based on browsing history.

    If you find the above list daunting and want to integrate a personalization system with your eCommerce system then you can contact us for consulting and Magento integration services. We are specializing in developing and upgrading your Magento eCommerce Store.

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