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    Magento was launched in 2008 and since then it has greatly developed from niche eCommerce platform into a trendy content management system. It has more than 2, 00,000 online stores and it’s a brilliant choice for your eCommerce project. Magento is easy to customize and set up the finest SEO.

    1. Metadata

    For easy interpretation of your content, Metadata is valuable in search engine optimization. Make sure that you have a unique Meta description with no copied content. A nicely written Meta description can help your store acquire better visibility in the search engines by addressing search engines about what exactly the content is all about.

    Try to keep description limited to shorter than 160 characters. It will boost users to select your post and also enhance your SEO. Google even utilizes Meta description to comprehend your content. Remember the Rule of SEO that “Content is King”. Go by this saying and create your website content in the best way possible.

    2. Change your Robot.txt File:

    Robot.txt file comes as a default in your Magento website. Hence, this file bars the search engines from indexing the site. The default setting is “NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW”, because of which your site cannot appear in search results. To change this setting you have to go in System -> Configuration -> Design ->Default Robots -> change it to “INDEX, FOLLOW”.

    After all, if search engines cannot edge your website, then all your work in the world is not going to make any difference.

    3. Optimize Images:

    Often we take images as an overlooked element in SEO. As an eCommerce site, it is obvious that it will have many product images so this section will have more effect on a store than on other kinds of websites. Always save meaningful file names for your images. Along with that use titles and alt tags on your images wherever possible as Google utilizes it to spot what your post is related to.

    Speed is the important factor for ranking so you need to optimize the images that you are to be uploaded to your website. Avoid big size images as it will make your site load slowly. Your image should be less than 100kb.

    4. Manage your Permalinks and Internal Link:

    Add your keywords to the URL as it conveys the search engine as well as visitors what the web article informs. Keep in mind to keep the URL precise, clear and short.

    Internal link helps visitors to switch from one page to another web page on your website. It is important as a visitor spends more time on it. It also helps in reducing the bounce rate of your website. Lastly, anchor text along with internal link assists Google to value your content.

    5.Unique Content:

    Google mainly look into the quality of your website and for that, it focuses whether your site is crafting the best experience and helping users to find out what they are searching for. Therefore, check your Website a few times. Make sure that you do not have any duplicate content. It includes all CMS pages, Product pages.

    Your content should have approximately 500 words or maybe more along with niche words included. Make it creative, helpful and relevant information that should hold the attention of the readers. Valuable and unique content will make your page be the first choice and it will increase its ranking.

    6. Analyse Your SEO:

    It is essential to keep a track of your SEO and you can do that by regularly analyzing the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns for that you can use tools such as Google Analytics and Google Analytic Enhanced eCommerce. They allow you to stay updated with a detailed report about your SEO Campaigns.

    7.Add a Blog:

    To create higher traffic, go for a blog post as it will make your site interesting Readers will have something fresh to read every time they visit your site. Thus, you need to update unique contents to aware Google regarding your site developments and it also gains worthy Magento SEO improvements.

    Bottom Line:

    Using the above tips will definitely help in boosting your SEO. It is advisable to have an SEO expert by your side because there is a lot more in SEO which an experienced expert can only get you.

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