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    You need to secure your store from hackers. Magento is a worthwhile program and it’s a place where cyber-crime can take place. Stating the fact that it’s an eCommerce platform it’s clear how critical security for any Magento e-store would be.

    Magento makes sure to release security patches to keep their client’s websites secure, still, the responsibility of doing everything possible to secure your Magento store lies with you. There are several customizations that you need to do in order to secure your e-store.

    Use Latest Version of Magento:

    Magento consistently gets updated at a good pace.It will give you version details of the current application and will also suggest if your Magento version is outdated. Magento keeps on updating its security patches when needed. It’s critical that you install all these security upgrades as soon as they are available as they are precisely offered to combat the latest securities threats. To give 100% securities to your e-store always update your Magento to the latest version.

    Add Two-Factor Authentication:

    To reduce attacks it is best that you use a two-factor authentication for your Magento site. There are extensions available which are helpful so now you don’t have worry about your password-related Magento Security risks anymore.

    The first extension is Rublon which comes with a layer of stealth. It provides access to trusted devices. Another extension is Extendware which allows you to implement complex authentication mechanism by limiting log-in attempts.

    Choose a Strong Password:

    A Password is a key to your Magento store. A week passwords are likely to get leaked. Be particular when you set a new password, which has a mix of upper and lower case alphabets, numbers and special character like ?, >, etc. So do not use yourMagento password anywhere and also keep your Magento password different from the rest of the passwords. Once you have a strong password for your store does not change it often.

    Prepare an Active Backup Plan:

    Take a regular backup and store them in the cloud and also have an offline copy to make sure that your website is safe even when a security breach occurs. It is important to have an active backup plan such as hourly offsite backups and downloadable backups. In case, your website gets hacked or crashes a planned backup will continue all your services.

    Manage your Magento Admin Panel:

    It is easy for hackers to get on to your admin log-in page and start guessing passwords. Revealing the admin panel also broadens the attack surface and attackers get one more page to check for vulnerabilities. Hence opt for a custom path for the admin panel and for that add an SSL certificate to make sure that you restrict access to the admin panel to your IPs.

    A safe and secure Magento store is one of the key factors which will help you to build and retain trust with your shoppers at your eStore. If you have any additional tips and feedback on the above-provided tips then do write them in the comment section below.

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