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    There was a buzz of excitement in the E-Commerce world when Magento 2 was released and people all around the world were waiting for the launch of this wonderful platform. The entire development team of Magento was putting their best effort to pack this new version with as many features and improvements as they could.

    Magento has always given its best to the users as far as customization is concerned and with this Magento 2 is no different. But hold on this is not the only the reason for many merchants switching loyalties and opting for Magento hence the below-mentioned reasons will make our point clear of stating Magento 2 is so awesome.

    • Better Performance

    A study says that 47 percent of online shoppers want any website to load in the fraction of seconds. In fact, 40 percent of them are likely to abandon the page if it takes longer than 3 seconds. Though Magento 2 is much faster than the first Magento version, say it runs 20 percent quicker than the older version and the reason behind first Magento version being slow was that its iteration was not built with a full page cache.

    Magento 2 has a full page caching which makes it speedy at the time of loading. Another highlight of Magento 2 is its compatibility with the latest MySQL 5.6 for query processing, re-indexing, and caching, making it a lot faster, more efficient, and supportive of website performance. With the addition of Magento 2 forms, developers will improve the performance of the platform as it gives you a freedom to create a custom form which allows users to create forms of dragging and dropping thus capturing customer information effectively.

    • Advanced CMS Content Interface

    Magento 2 has got a brand-new WYSISYG interface which is the lot more polished than the older version and it will help for a content creation. Given that an e-commerce platform with a subpar content interface will not win any favors in the e-commerce industry so the developers at Magento have stepped up their game to produce a new interface that stacks up well in the industry. Overall, we can say that Magento has learned a lot from its past mistakes, therefore, created a content interface that improves upon the earlier version when we talk about creative control and content development.

    • Better Admin Menu Navigation

    Earlier, admin find it hard to navigate between system configuration, catalog, products, and reports but now admin can manage their stores more efficiently as Magento 2 comes with its all-new menu navigation which enables admin to navigate to any section of the admin panel as per their requirement. Further, now you can easily find all the relevant information and details thanks to its new interface.

    • Sophisticated Product Creation Interface/Page

    Magento 2 comes with a step-by-step product creation tool which makes it easier to form new products with an addition to this it also supports videos and images of the products so users can add media to highlight their goods.

    • Better Grid UI

    Now you no longer have to get in touch with the developer every time to add a new column yes you read that correct thanks to it vastly improved grid UI that merchants are able to select the required number of columns from the list featured in the Magento 2 platform an admin panel.

    • Customer UI Interface

    An older version of Magento was really time-consuming and tiresome as the customer needs to go through four or five steps before they could complete the order but the latest Magento 2 has made the order process easier. Now the merchants can find the registered customer automatically by analyzing their Email address. Along with this, the registration process has also been simplified considerably. Now customers and users are able to complete the registration process on the checkout success page itself. The guest checkout percentage for Magento 2 is 38 percent faster than the earlier version of Magento.

    • Full Page Caching

    Earlier site loading speed was a major concern for customer because older version did not feature a built-in full page cache system due to which user experience was affected significantly and it caused sales conversion rates to drop but this is history now with release of Magento 2 a full page cache system both in the community and the enterprise edition have been included which you can optimize efficiently to make your website load faster.

    • Check out Made Simple

    Nobody likes to wait in line to complete their purchase especially in online shopping where an order can be placed within a fraction of seconds so for those who can’t wait for them Magento has come up with a new assumptive guest checkout method that consists only two steps. Now the customer needs to enter into the website during checkout is when the shipping details are asked and for the registered or guest user the automatic Email recognition property is given which allows streamlined checkout experience. Moreover, shipping rates are applied to a specific order only when the full details are completed and it will ask for billing address only when the payment needs to be made. Hence the current iteration of Magento is the lot less intrusive than the previous version.

    • Improved Frontend Capabilities

    Magento 2 now has the new UI library which allows development of custom front-end widget and pages. Extra widgets might include product widgets that simplify the process of adding featured elements and products to different pages and CSS pre-processing with the help of LESS. Additional JS, CCS3, and HTML5 will make the development process a lot more streamlined and modern. It has also got blank theme feature and the base Luma theme has been improving significantly and yes good news is that you get access to all the mini cart features out of the box. The maximum prototype can be removed for iQuery. Finally, B2B E-commerce users can now enjoy the faster, simplified quick order functionality.

    • Advanced Development Capabilities

    Magento 2 has a feature of composer dependency system which updates both the core and the marketplace extension a lot simpler and faster for the merchants. The console commands are a lot like a symphony, and the modules now happen to be entirely self-contained rather than being scattered among the different root-level directories.

    The latest version of Magento has improved plugins which minimize the need to directly override the classes and now merchants can look forward to better dependency injections so that the code base is a lot more modular in nature. Thus the extensions of the platform have a minimal chance of breaking each other down. One more thing now there is a built-in testing suite which includes PHP unit and users can easily add to the new automatic tests so that custom features may be implemented.

    Now users are happy with the new version of Magento when they compare it to the older version. The thriving community has given thumbs up to this platform so it’s a matter of time before the software is upgraded further and at a faster pace.

    Around thousands of extensions have already been released for this platform and it can be downloaded from the marketplace either a free of cost or after paying a premium rate.

    Bottom Line

    It might have taken two long years to reach this level of development but the end result is worth the wait providing merchants with a good reason to upgrade to Magento 2. The platform is not out of the running yet as a serious contender for the best e-commerce builder. Hence now Magento developers can provide a favorable customer experience with new upgrades and improved look.

    If you want to upgrade or switch to Magento 2 then fill the form below.

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