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    Let us take a look at some of the salient features that you can implement in your online fashion store to make shopping experience-worthy.

    1. Easy & Free Returns

    Shoppers get waylaid by the fear that if they purchase an item and it’s not what they expected or the product didn’t fit, they are stuck with the purchase.

    Allow your customers to return the order within a time limit. Ensure them not only free, but hassle-free return and you will gain the trust of customers.

    2. Size Recommendation Engine

    Take any clothing product, they all come in many different catalog sizes. Though the size chart is universal the manufacturing of each brand differs. You may fit into a size S of one brand and size M of another brand. Hence, provide a brand-specific sizing chart on the product page.

    3. Offers and Discounts

    Offering discounts on purchases is one of the most effective ways to quickly draw people into your store. It can help you to increase revenues. Make sure to have active offers. Highlight offers and discounts for other items in your store, as visitors will check out offers before making a purchase.

    Percent-off sales are far better than the price amount. The percentage off deal (for example 50% off or 70% off) is one the most popular and effective types of promotions. Just slashing the price and showing a discounted price is not going to motivate customers to click the “Buy Now” button. Instead, show the real value of the product and highlight the discount percentage. Now, customers will realize the actual value and the tremendous discount they are getting. Thus, emotionally evoking them to take action and get the product.

    4. Nobody really needs anything.

    If you are in the fashion business, then you must be aware that nobody will keep buying new clothes. You have to use promotional offers to create a sense of exclusivity and surprise the customers with new products every time they step into your online store.

    Apps, SMS (text) and Email marketing are the easiest ways to target buyers with promotions that are catered to their specific needs. You can entice your visitors to join an email subscription or newsletter and ask them to download your app. This way you’re opening the door to myriad possibilities for engaging with them.

    5. Naming Convention of your products

    Your product name needs to fit within your broader umbrella while telling its own unique story to consumers. It also needs to be memorable, findable (particularly on search engines), unique, understandable, and relevant.

    Name a product in such a way that it describes what the product is. For instance, from the above picture; Black V Neck Jumpsuit with Linen describes everything about the product. What the product is (Jumpsuit), color (black), design (V neck), and material (linen).

    6. Product Detail

    Some customers are very choosy when it comes to online shopping. They want to know the tiniest detail of a product. Provide complete information to the customer so that they feel comfortable parting with their money.

    Make sure to provide consistent user experience by keeping the length and amount of data in your product descriptions the same across each category. “filters + descriptive product details” will make it easy for a choosy customer to complete the buyer’s journey. If a product doesn’t warrant the same length as others, visitors may jump to the conclusion that your product range is inconsistent. Make sure the product description fits the needs of the customer’s search.

    7. Delivery Details

    In the clothing industry, there are chances that customers have purchased for a particular occasion so while placing an order they want an idea about when their product will reach them.

    An estimated date removes the uncertainty that comes along with online shopping. Quick shipping plays an important role in deciding to shop with the fashion store again. Remember, quick shipping builds trust.

    If you are unable to deliver the product on a committed date, then it’s your responsibility to inform customers at least 3 days before the due delivery date so that they make other arrangements if they had planned something for it.

    8. Thank you page

    Just because a customer made a purchase doesn’t your interaction with them has to end. They could be interested in a category of products related to the one they’ve just bought. Or maybe they might read a blog or visit your social media page for feedback. These are all opportunities to continue the conversation with your customers and further develop your relationship.

    6 Thank You Page Best Practices You Need to Know

    Ask For Social Shares: Your Thank you page must have links to your social media pages so that they can follow you and share their experience.

    Ask Your Page Visitor to Create an Account: If your customer has used a guest account for shopping then you can express the benefits of creating an account and how it will reduce time & effort the next time they want to make a purchase.

    Ask for Feedback: You can ask customers to leave a comment about how you’re doing or what could be improved.

    Offer a Discount: A coupon is a great way to drive sales and to show your appreciation. This will make them want to purchase again in the future.

    Blog: A blog is a great tool to keep your business fresh in visitors’ minds, long after they’ve converted. Mention some of the relatable blog links on your Thank You page.

    Tell a Friend: Ask your customer to refer your site to their family & friends and win some exciting gifts.

    Delight your customer with a personalized “Thank you” note. A happy customer will always remember you.

    9. Subscription Doesn’t Work In Fashion Store

    Customers always want something new and trendy which they can try every few months. Send customers newsletters, SMS, app notification to remind them about certain products that they can buy again in the same color, design, shape. However, many remain skeptical about the scalability of subscription services in fashion but this model works with “products that customers can buy every 3 or 5 months.

    • Nightwear
    • Innerwear
    • Swimwear
    • Socks
    • Sportswear
    • Deodorant
    • Perfume

    10. Filters

    Filters make purchasing easy and fast. It helps customers narrow down a product catalog from thousands to few handfuls of products which are as per customer‘s choice and taste.

    Your fashion store should have basic filters as well as some advanced filters to make online shopping seamless.

    Basic Filters are:

    • Size
    • Color
    • Price
    • Brand

    Now add some advance filters in this Basic features

    a) Customers can select size filters based on countries like Euro, US, and the UK.
    b) Price can have both kind of features where you can drag the price or can select from the range

    If you are a multi-brand store, then you must be having certain top brands or famous brands that are liked by customers. Keep new or not so famous brands in one category and list top brands in separate brand filters.

    To Wrap Up… 

    Consult with fashion eCommerce store developers to implement above features. It will help your run your fashion store for years. Create your brand identity, make use of social media, and every effective promotional medium to make your brand stand out. We hope these amazing features will give you more conversions in no time.

    Fill the below form if you wish to implement any of above functionality or need any kind of eCommerce consulting.

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