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Magento Rest API is a part of Magento Enterprise and Community edition which helps to integrate business applications and make them reliable and secure. Mage Monkeys can undertake Magento REST API Integration with your business seamlessly and get you the desired results.

With the help of REST and SOAP API the interaction between the business applications becomes easier and secure. Mage Monkeys team has hands on experience with REST, SOAP or XML-RC.

Let’s talk about some vital features of Magento API:

  • Clients : Options to create, delete and update customer information along with the list fetching functionality of customers
  • Catalogue : To fetch the list of stock account and to upload the stock via list.
  • Products : Create, update and delete information about products.
  • Categories of Products : Get the list of categories assigned to your products, and you can also unassigned them as per your requirement.
  • Order for Sales : List of sales order along with specific order information
  • Order items, comments and address : You can fetch the order items for a specified order and the address. Youcan also get the billing order along with shipment details. Comments for the specified order can also be obtained with the help of the list.
Mage Monkeys are well equipped to work on any complex requirement and deliver robust solution to the client.
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