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Mage Monkeys are leading Service Provider for Magento Market Place development across the globe. Our services offered helps clients to turn any Magento store into an online market e-commerce place like amazon.

Features of Magento Marketplace Developed at Mage Monkey:

  • Dashboard:
    Enriched Dashboard to provide ultimate Magento user experience
  • Registration Page for Vendor:
    With the help of Vendor Registration page seller can easily register their business.
  • Verification of Vendor:
    Hassle-free collection of scanned documents from vendor at the time of registration form.
  • Listing Page for Vendor:
    On the basis of product categories listing of vendors/suppliers is available.
  • Multiple Vendors:
    Same product will be listed under multiple vendors when user searched for the product.
  • Shipping:
    Individual shipping charges can be maintained as per products.
  • Vacation Mode:
    When any of the sellers is not available then they can use the ‘Seller Vacation mode’ to notify the customers.
  • Supports all types of Products:
    Simple and configurable products can be created by supplier that are being supported by Magento
  • Product Approval:
    Approval of products can be done in both ways, either manually or automatically.
  • Enabling/ Disabling of products:
    Products which vendor fells no more to continue can easily disable them and when the products are back in stock can enable them.
  • Real Time Product Statistics:
    Whenever Vendors are disabled/deleted, products automatically gets deleted or de-activated.
  • Import and Export of Bulk Product:
    With the help of CSV file Vendor can easily import and export products.
  • Checkout once with Multiple products:
    Customers can easily purchase multiple products from Sellers or Vendors at once.
  • Approval Notifications:
    Admin can manage notifications related to order. Vendor or product anytime by enabling or disabling them.
  • Templates for Email:
    Email Templates will help in receiving product sold notification email which includes product details.
  • Order and Invoice Management:
    A separate section is available for management of Vendors which includes their avatars, commissions, transactions etc.
  • Commission:
    As per multiple vendors, commission rates can be decided as per Vendors.
  • Commission Management :
    You can set different commission rates for different vendors
  • Payment Report:
    As per individual vendor reports are available with details of credit and debit transactions.
  • Transactions supported Offline: Offline transactions for each vendor can be recorded by Admin
  • Communication between Vendor-Customer:
    With the help of this feature, vendor can reach out to customer easily.
  • Reviews Management of Seller/Vendor:
    When any customer provide feedback related to products then the review of the vendor is being created automatically.
  • Easy to customize and open source.
    As source code is open, crafting as per individual requirement can be managed easily.
  • Compatible with Magento 1 & 2 : Our Marketplace is compatible with Magento 1,x and 2.x version
  • Other Additional Features:
    Updates related to valuable features with our marketplace development.

Why Opt for Mage Monkeys for Magento Marketplace Development?

  • 10+ successfully developed Magento marketplace projects
  • Crafting custom marketplace that suits your complex requirements of project goals.
  • Only Magento certified Developers to work on your projects.
  • By Implementing technology standards we deal from NDA to hand over support

Are you in search for Magento Marketplace Development Service?

If your project requirements are multifaceted and you are in search for a team of Magento Marketplace Development, then you have reached your end destination. Our professionals will help you to deliver your requirements as per your prospects. Drop us email with your necessities and we would deliver you a free quote from our experts.

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