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Every business is unique and has special and customised requirements in its development process. Magento has extension development facility in which as per the required functionality any kind of extension or customised solutions can be developed. We at Mage Monkeys have experienced and expert programmers who have in-depth knowledge of Magento extensions and the various possibilities of the specialised developments.

Mage Monkeys programmers, after understanding your business concept, undertake the development of qualitative and robust extensions which contribute towards enhancement of your e-store features and customer experience. Some of the examples of MagentoExtension are unique shipment options, alternatives for check out, multi-language support, ease in navigation for users, multi-currency payment options, sitemap extensions toname a few.

For cost effective and budget friendly extension development you can get in touch with Business Development team. Our team first understands your business requirements in depth, analyses the exact requirements and then identifies the ideal MagentoExtension suitable for your business.

Magento is vital part of e commerce industry and with customized and free extensions available, functioning and enhancing user experience becomes priority.

Let’s us arrange a call to discuss your business needs for extension development.

What can Magento Extension do for your business?

  • It can enhance the look of your e-store.
  • It can make your e-store look unique from the customers’ perspective.
  • It can enhance your website ranking, as search engines would recognize your website easily.

What other exceptional things are being carried out by Mage Monkeys?

  • Taxes, Shipping, Inventory, Logistics, Manufacturers/Suppliers Database Updates, Management of Warehouse, and other customised requirements are made in synchronization with your Magento store, with the help ofMagento REST API.
  • Redundancy in customer registration, product details, orders and inventory can easily be managed and thus duplication of entry is prevented.
  • Inventory levels can be updated across the entire store
  • Get the latest information of the fastest selling products as per region and country.
  • Looking for solutions to overcome the challenges of your Magento store? Mage Monkeys are certified professionals who resolve such challenges and have clientele on a global scale. Do share with us your challenge and our expert would get in touch with you to know the exact pain point in your e-commerce.
  • Still thinking? Give us a call now.
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