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PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a Magento Enterprise Cloud Service which comes with Magento 2 and it runs on Amazon Web Service giving you an incredible experience which is completely customizable, security and scalability of your storefront.

The new Enterprise Cloud services for Magento 2 are a Git branched and can be experienced with its code patterns as well as from infrastructure. So this Git driven environment for your Magento store is able to act numbers of activities, which are

  • Developing the new feature
  • Innovating test patterns
  • Bug Fixtures

Features of Magento enterprise cloud service:

  • Elastic scalability;
  • PCI compliance;
  • High resilience and availability;
  • Global availability;
  • Automated Pitching

It also gives some inbuilt features like HTTP router, PHP application server, Git, and SSH along with a new feature that allows you to work in multiple environments for the same project. With the architectural masterpiece of this new cloud service, which is very much easy and just like managing a monolithic application, you can also build any micro service oriented modules.

What will you get with Mage Monkeys' Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition?

  • A platform that is fully optimized for Magento (Full Magento 2 EE License)
  • PaaS cloud integration tools that support unlimited users; 8 non-production environments.
  • Triple redundant, dedicated AWS produсtion environment.
  • Git-based code deployments with consistent and secure releases.
  • Flexibility in the scriptable command line and a full REST API.
  • Development for rapid spinning up, merging, cloning, and tearing down unlimited environment proper deployment toolset will be provided.
  • We give continuous cloud delivery to move from development to production.
  • Fastly CDN and DDoS protection + generous bandwidth allowance.
  • New Relic APM Pro and Enterprise (unrestricted versions).
  • Constant monitoring
  • Application and infrastructure support

Advantages of Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

  • Every event is perfectly optimized and configured for adequate performance.
  • Git-based code deployments maintain the consistency, repeatability, and read-only production environment which will enhance the security.
  • The Full REST API scriptable command will be Compatible with code management workflows giving you the external system integration.

So, if you are using Magento 1 or Magento 2, Community or Enterprise edition, Mage Monkeys will help you unlock the value of cloud e-commerce today hence if you are looking forward to Magento Cloud service and to upgrading your store with it, you can take our service for such website assistance or for any other website requirement.

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