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Magento Enterprise B2B is omnichannel solution for Magento retailers. Magento Enterprise B2B buyers are in demand increasingly among Magento retailers. Consumers of B2B are looking for friendly interface to explore innovative opportunities such as creating own B2B marketplace/workshop, transforming into a multi-channel enterprise.

Manage your web business with the help of Magento B2B enterprise that includes customizable solutions such as:

  • B2B native functionality
  • Personalized buying experiences
  • Globalized ecosystem for B2B
  • Analytics of Buyer and Seller
  • Trouble-free integration with backend systems
  • Secured cloud-based commerce

To enhance the experience of buying, Magento offers variety of services to transform customer relationship for longer duration of time.

Our team is equipped with Magento certified technical experts to guide you for the solution that will help your B2B model to grow

Support for Corporate Account

  • With the help of multiple buyers and layered organizational structures sales can be easily carried out with corporate accounts.
  • Buyers can have specific roles and permissions from the companies.
  • Minimize inquires with the help of quote, self-service order, inventory tracking and credit.
  • As payments can be accepted with the help of credit cards, PayPal and more the sales figures maximizes.

Friction-Free Ordering

  • Because of streamlined workflow management of quote requests and negation of pricing can be efficiently managed.
  • Recurring revenue can be generated with the help of fast ordering because buyers can enter SKU or upload a CSV file and can also set up requisition lists.
  • Enriched services can be offered to customers for assisting them during the process of order.
  • For on the spot sales figure get your sales team to stay updated with tablet version.

Powerful Shopping Experiences

  • As per customer groups create personalized price-list, catalogues and promotions.
  • Support search functionality with layered navigation, cross-sell capabilities and automated up-sell process.
  • Provide rich content with videos, image zoom and detailed information description, reviews and ratings that boost up sales.
  • With the help of mobile-friendly and responsive site amuse your customer experience.

Multi-Channel Sales

  • Get to know customer better and expand efficiencies with platform that is leader in B2B and B2C commerce
  • Only one interface in enough to create and manage websites for multiple divisions, brands, channel partners and accounts.
  • Extend your business across the globe with the support of multiple currencies, languages and taxes

Improved Inventory and Processing of Order

  • Accurate and real time inventory from all sources and supply chain partners.
  • Automated business rules to help for the inventory of lower fulfilment costs and swift delivery times.
  • A single solution is applied to improvised operations for managing orders across sales channels.

Effortless Management

  • Use of extensive API and off shelf extensions to integrate with any kind of backend system
  • Get started any of the complex requirements with modern, open and flexible Magento Platform.
  • Emphasize on your business, rather than on IT operations with trustworthy managed cloud solution.
  • Upsurge your business growth with actionable insights from 75 built-in business reports.

Why Choose Mage Monkeys for Magento B2B Services?

  • Over 20+ Magento B2B projects handled
  • Enthusiastic Magento Professionals
  • Magento Certified Developers and Connoisseurs in Magento Certified Solution
  • Dexterous and familiar with Magento Ecosystem
  • Supple Engagement Models for customers
  • Support after post Migration
  • Swift Turnaround

Need Magento Enterprise B2B Solution?

If you’re after a team of Magento B2B experts, you have come to the right place! Our team of Magento B2B Developers can help you! Give us a concise email explaining what you need done, and get a free quote from us experts.

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