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A vital service of Magento platform known as Magento 2 Upgrade service delivered by Mage Monkeys enables the e-commerce sellers to espouse the up to date version of Magento and take their online store to next level.

When you upgrade, your Magento store can deliver you

  • Optimize page loading
  • Engaging user Experience
  • Advanced conversion rate
  • Payment gateways secured
  • Modernized checkout process
  • In-depth analysis of your store
  • Reduction in cart rejection rate

Our Magento Upgrade Service offers:

  • Core Up gradation To get the features of the latest version in the market, we offer services to upgrade the core from Magento 1.x to 2 or from community to Enterprise level in order to avail the benefits of the up gradation and thus enhance the experience of the user.
  • Theme Upgrade User experience is enhanced when the Theme chosen is suitable as per the store and as per the products displayed under it, hence the up gradation of theme along with the technology is essential to deliver user rich and smooth experience.
  • Up gradation of Extensions Previously installed extensions and third-party modules need to be updated at regular interval to avail the benefits of most up-to-date features.

Process followed at Mage Monkeys' Magento Upgrade 2 Service:

  • A testing site will be used to observe the actual process while upgrading and its behavior. We make sure that the original data and site remains untouched.
  • Before implanting the process we make sure the back up of your site and data is carefully stored.
  • Upgrade specifications
    • As per the environment requested we deliver the environment specified Magento upgrade.
    • Process of testing is being implemented in order to fix any of bugs or any show stopper issues.
  • Online replacement of existing site with the updated one
  • Concluding process of testing
    • We conclude the testing from our end and hand over the next phase of testing on your side to check the effectiveness of the upgrade and its performance.

Why client prefers Mage Monkeys for Magento Migration services?

  • Thorough quality testing before actual deployment of site
  • Constant monitor of security, speed and consistency during the process of up gradation.
  • Till date successfully implemented all process of upgrade in Magento 2
  • Cut-throat rates for Magento Upgrade services
  • Deliver glitch free transition to latest version by monitoring the process continuously

Are you in need of Magento Upgradation Service?

If you want to have all the latest technical features in your online store by upgrading to the latest version then Mage Monkeys is the answer. Our dexterous team at Mage Monkeys can aid you to achieve the goal of access to the latest features with ease. Let us know your requirements and we would deliver a free quote from our professionals.
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