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How to integrate Insightly with Magento 2?

There are number of customer relationship management software on the market; but, we suggest you choose Insightly if your business is really small. It has the best features and you will surely be satisfied with this software. We will solve your query on how to integrate Insightly with Magento 2. Please bookmark this article so…

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How To Integrate Workbooks CRM With Magento 2?

Workbooks is an application which contributes a lot in your Ecommerce store and if it’s not integrated with your Magento store then it’s high time for you to know how to integrate Workbooks CRM with Magento 2. First let’s find out What is Workbook CRM? Workbooks CRM is software that provides necessary tools for merchants…

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How to Setup Facebook Livechat in Magento 2?

Do you know customer Chat Facebook is a free application that you can integrate directly into your website for free. In this post, we will tell you how to set up Facebook Livechat in Magento 2. But first let’s understand What is Facebook Chat and what are its benefits? Customer Chat Facebook is a customer…

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7,339 Magento stores affected through Malware, Did yours too?

Recently a Dutch security blogger and researcher Willem de Groot has found out that Ecommerce Websites which are using Magento Software have been hit by a dangerous payment skimming malware that has been stealing thousands from the users. The malware is termed as MagentoCore and affecting the Ecommerce sites that are using Magento. How many…

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How to integrate Agile CRM with Magento 2?

Many of our Ecommerce merchant partners have very little to engage with a potential buyer. But With Agile CRM all your queries are resolved. It comes with great benefits and in this article we will share the integration between Magento 2 and Agile CRM. What is Agile CRM? It is a customer relationship management solution…

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How To Integrate Hubspot CRM With Magento 2?

We all know the importance of HubSpot CRM to E-commerce stores. It is one of the leading CRM platforms on the market and if you want to know how to integrate HubSpot CRM then you are at a perfect place. What is HubSpot CRM? HubSpot CRM makes it easy to create contact and company profiles….

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How To Integrate Vtiger CRM With Magento 2?

Many store owners face problem when it comes to integration between Vtiger CRM and Magento 2. In this post, we have covered all your queries. Let’s find out what Vtiger CRM is and what are its benefits? What is Vtiger CRM? Vtiger CRM was launched in 2004. It’s a software application that helps businesses function…

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How To Integrate Capsule Crm With Magento 2?

Have you ever thought to connect your Magento 2 with Capsule CRM but don’t know how to do it? Well, today in this blog we will show you how to integrate Capsule CRM with Magento 2 and what are its benefits? Before the integration you must know… What is Capsule CRM? Capsule CRM is the…

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How to integrate QuickBooks Online with Magento 2?

We all need an excellent application which can handle our accounting easily but which? Well the answer is QuickBooks Online. It’s an effective application for your business. If you don’t know what QuickBooks Online is and how to connect it to your Magento 2 store then you have reached your destination. This article is the…

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How Having a Magento Mobile App Increase Your Store’s Sales?

In this age, using a mobile app is absolutely essential. Nobody likes to sit and stress themselves out in front of a desktop computer when you have mobile phones for everything. We all love to shop online using an app and if have a store and don’t have the Magento Mobile app then you are…

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